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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1480

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After all, it was her fault.She couldn’t resist the temptation.Maisie put her hand on her shoulder and
said, “If you don’t feel okay, go get some rest.I’ll get the doctor to come over here and prescribe some
medicine for you.” “It’s okay, Ma’am.I’ll be fine.My body is tough.”She did not like taking medicine as
most pills had a bitter taste.Maisie did not force her since she did not want it.She asked her to get
some rest, but Saydie refused.She wanted to stay here until they finished with the decorations.Quincy
shook his head when he saw how pale her face was.

‘She still wants to act tough at a time like this?’ He went to the kitchen and got a cup of warm water.He
added some salt to it as he was worried that she might get dehydrated.As he handed the cup of water t
o her, he said, “Drink some.You might get dehydrated.”Saydie looked at him but did not take it.Quincy
shoved the cup into her hand.“Take it and drink it.”Saydie took the cup and drank the water.It tasted
salty, so she frowned.“Why is there salt in it?”Quincy snorted.“To prevent you from getting
dehydrated.So, do you still want to eat so much ice cream again next time?”After drinking the salt
water, Saydie put the cup down.

Her stomach was cold, and she felt much more comfortable when the warm water flowed through
it.Maisie saw everything from upstairs, and a smile appeared on the corner of her lips.Both of them
liked to argue on normal days, and Saydie loved to tease Quincy.However, she knew that Saydie did
not hate Quincy at all.Saydie did not have a complete childhood.She did not have any true friends, so
she distanced herself from everyone.In the beginning, Saydie followed Maisie because of Strix’s order,
and she treated protecting her as a mission.Maisie knew why Strix wanted Saydie to follow her here.If
she stayed in the Metropolis, she would never feel warm her whole life.There was a probability that she
might die as well.She was still young, a girl in her prime.Other than protecting her, she needed to be
protected as well.While Ian was in Hewston, Elaine would contact him from time to time through
WhatsApp.Although they did not talk much, he would reply to her messages.After Elaine’s stitches
were removed, she returned to her company.When she came out of the elevator and was on her way

back to the office, she overheard the conversation of a few female employees.“Ms.Xavier got injured
because she took a stab for her fiance.I can’t believe she would do that for her man.”

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