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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1482

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“Where did daddy ask you to take me to?”“Something happened to daddy.”Ian lowered his gaze and
explained, “He needs some money and told me that his money is in your bank account.Is that right?.”
Marco hesitated.“But daddy told me that I should never hand this card to anyone.”“But daddy didn’t say
that you can’t give it to your younger brother, right?”Marco indeed fell for it.It was mainly because of the
fact that although Marco had a mental illness, he remembered that he had a younger brother.It was just
that he could not remember his name.He nodded absentmindedly.“Then how can I help daddy?”Ian
said, “Give me the card, and I’ll get someone to bring you to your mommy.You’ll be very safe when
you’re with your mommy.”Marco wanted to see his mother, so he gave Ian the bank card he had
brought along with him.Ian took the card from him, raised his hand, and patted him on the
shoulder.“‘Let’s go.I’ll take you to meet the person that you want to meet.”Marco nodded.Ian asked
someone to send Marco to Mrs.Saldana’s side.As soon as Marco left the room, the man standing next
to him was puzzled.“You’ve already gotten your hand on the card.Shouldn’t we send him back to the
hospital?”Ian took a glimpse at the bank card in his hand and explained indifferently, “Mr.Saldana kept
all the money that he’s stolen over the years in Marco’s account.Marco isn’t subject to legal sanctions
because of his mental illness.However, he’ll definitely defend his father when he’s sober.“Mrs.Saldana
loves her son, but she doesn’t know that Mr.Saldana has transferred the money to his son in order to
use his son’s identity as a cover.So, if Marco were to have to go to court, Mrs.Saldana would probably
vouch for Juan for her son’s sake.”The man looked at him.“As expected of you, bro, you even thought
of this.”‘Although Mrs.Saldana has divorced Father, she chose not to make it public in order not to
stimulate her son. Not to mention that the two still raise the son, who has a mental illness,
together.‘Sending Marco back to the hospital is equivalent to giving Father another chance.He’s most
probably been informed that Marco has been taken away.‘So if Marco were to be sent back, Father
would surely find Marco and encourage him to vouch for him.Marco cares about his father and would
disclose everything that happened today, which would be very detrimental to me.‘And Mrs.Saldana
didn’t know anything, so she’ll definitely vouch for Father for the sake of her son.Thus, I have to come
up with a Plan B just in case.‘Sending Marco to Mrs.Saldana and then telling her that Father has

transferred all the money that he’s stolen over the years into her son’s bank account and that he’s
planning to use her son as a cover without her knowing.Then the outcome of these actions will surely
be different.‘As far as I know, Mrs.Saldana cares more about Marco than Father does.Using his own
flesh and blood to cover himself should have already crossed Mrs.Saldana’s bottom line”Everything did
turn out as Ian had foreseen.Mrs.Saldana was infuriated when she learned about her ex -husband’s
doings and called him immediately.Juan was on his way to Hewston when he received a call from
Mrs.Saldana.He learned something from her, and his face turned gloomy.“What do you mean?”“You’re
actually shameless enough to ask me what I mean!? Juan Saldana, you‘re such a ruthless man that
you’d even take advantage of our son.If it weren’t for your illegitimate son who sent someone to tell me
about it, I would still be kept in the dark.”Mrs.Saldana smiled sarcastically and mocked him.“You’re
such a sh*tsack.Back then, the second you learned that Marc is a mentally-ill child, you immediately
got together with that b*tch, Eunice Lowry, behind my back, and gave birth to that child.“You didn’t
expect to be schemed by your own illegitimate child, did you? Let me tell you, Juan Saldana, there’s no
way that I’m letting this slide! Just wait for the lawsuit!”She hung up the call.Juan was stunned.‘‘The
person who did all this turns out to be Ian! ?’’

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