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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1483

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At this time, Juan received news that his men had found Edward Xavier’s son-in-law.He was none
other than his illegitimate son, [an Saldana.Ian and Edward Xavier’s daughter had gotten engaged not
long ago, and they had not made the news public.Juan sat stiffly in the back seat as his face paled.
Meanwhile, Ian submitted the evidence of Juan’s embezzlement and tax evasion to the
ministry.Marco’s bank account was set up abroad, and the person in the ministry notified the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs to contact the country where the bank was located, and Juan was soon restricted from
leaving the country.After getting everything done, Ian traveled back to Bassburgh by plane and
arranged not to run into his father while he arrived.The cafe’s manager came to pick him up at the
airport, and Ian asked him to pull over when they passed by a flower shop.Ian bought a bouquet of
cornflowers.When he returned to the car, the shop manager adjusted the rearview mirror to look at
him.“Is it for Ms.Xavier?”He did not say anything and seemed to be thinking about something.The cafe
manager grasped the steering wheel and drove forward.While they were on their way back, the
manager chatted with Ian, “I told you, something must have gone wrong the moment you chose to help
her, but I didn’t expect you two to really get together.“Sure enough, those couples who meet each other
very early on in their lives mostly won’t be able to stay together, and those who meet late might’ve
missed the chance to start a relationship with each other.So, instead of looking for a profound
relationship, falling in love at the right time is even more important.”Ian frowned, raised his gaze, and
glared at him.“Do you plan to change your career path?”The store manager was stunned for a
moment.“Then what should I do next?”He laughed.“Relationship mediators and consultants suit you
quite well.Do you want me to make some arrangements for you?”The store manager pouted.He had
finally understood what Ian was trying to convey and whispered, “All you’re saying is that you wish to
fire me, only because I let a few words escape my mouth.”Ian pursed his lips and smiled but said
nothing. When the car arrived at the entrance of J Tech Inc., Ian lowered the car window just in time to
see Elaine and another female subordinate walking out of the company.The female subordinate was
saying something to her.Elaine was the technical director of J Tech Inc., but she did not put on an
arrogant look and lowered her head to listen to her.She maintained the position until she inadvertently

saw a familiar car.She was startled.The female subordinate also discovered the car and
smiled.“Ms.Xavier, since your fiance has come to pick you up, I shall go home first.”After the female
subordinate left, Elaine walked toward the car, and the cafe manager sitting in the car greeted her,
“Nice to see you, Ms.Xavier.”Elaine smiled, nodded, and then stopped outside of Ian’s door.“You’ve
completed all the tasks at hand so soon?”“I came back as soon as I was done.”Ian smiled and moved
over to the other side of the car.Elaine opened the door and got into the car.She then saw the bouquet
of blue cornflowers and was startled.“These flowers…”Ian handed her the bouquet.“I bought it while I
was on my way here.I think this flower suits you very much.”Elaine was stunned for a few seconds,
grabbed the bouquet from him, held it in her arms, and smiled all of a sudden.“I like it very much, thank
you.”Although it was not some precious gem, necklace, or jewelry, but just a bouquet of cornflowers,
she was delighted.She then thought of something.“Have things gone well in Hewston?”He responded
with a light hum.“Everything went well.”The store manager laughed while driving the car and
interjected, “Mr.Ian was there to supervise every move.How could it not go well? Mr.Saldana is
probably exasperated now.”Caressing the petals of the flowers in her arms, Elaine asked, “Will he
retaliate against you for revenge?”Before Ian could answer, the cafe manager looked in the rearview
mirror and laughed.“Ms.Xavier, are you worried Mr.Ian will be targeted?”She choked on her own words
and took a glance at Ian cautiously.“Isn’t it normal to worry about this?”She was trying to say that it was
normal for her to worry about her fiance.

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