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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1485

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In the evening, when Ian arrived at the Xavier mansion, he stood outside the door until Elaine came t o
open the door.She had just washed her hair, and there was a faint scent of shampoo, and her half-
dried hair was loosely tied.Her plain face made her look a little more innocent. Not many women could
maintain their fair complexion and smooth skin when they were without makeup.“You’ve come, do
come in.”Elaine pulled him into the entryway and closed the door.In order to entertain him, Jenna had
already cooked up a storm in the kitchen and prepared a sumptuous dinner.All there was left to do was
to wait for him to come for dinner.“It’s nice to see you, Mr.Xavier, Mrs.Xavier.”He nodded slightly and
sounded very humble and polite.“Alright, go wash your hands and join us at the table.Everyone has
been waiting for you.”Jenna welcomed him with a grin and then said, “Elaine doesn’t know what you
like to eat, so I only cooked some of our usual dishes.”Ian took a glance at Elaine and gave a faint
smile.“It’s okay, I’m not a picky eater.”Elaine felt very embarrassed.She did not know Ian very well, so
how would she know what he loved to eat? During dinner, Edward poured two glasses of wine.“I used
to drink it alone.I finally have someone to drink with now.”Elaine frowned.“Dad, he came here by car,
and you’re asking him to drink.”“What are you afraid of? Worse comes to worst, he can spend the night
here.He’ll become part of the family sooner or later.What’s the problem?”She choked on her own
words, completely not expecting such a statement from her father.Ian and Edward clinked glasses and
drank the wine slowly.Edward treated Ian like how a content father-in-law would treat his son-in-
law.“Elaine, whatever Ian wants to eat, you should fetch i t for him.You mustn’t neglect our
guests.”Jenna sounded very enthusiastic.“Ian, there’s no need to be this reserved when you’re
here.Eat as much as you can.We have plenty of food.”Ian smiled and nodded.“Thank you,
Mrs.Xavier.”Edward said, “You don’t have to be so polite when talking to us.Just make yourself at
home.” Elaine ate dinner silently.‘He was the one who didn’t agree with my marriage at first, but now,
his attitude has changed so much”After dinner, Edward asked Ian to play a game of chess with him in
the study while Elaine watched her drama downstairs.Jenna prepared a fruit platter, made tea, and
asked Elaine to help bring it up.Elaine went upstairs with a tray of tea and fruits and was about to knock
on the door when she came to the study.At that moment, she accidentally overheard their

conversation.“Ian, you haven’t told Elaine about her condition, have you?”Elaine’s hand froze in midair,
and she leaned forward and placed her ear against the door.She did not understand.What could not he
tell her? Ian was silent for a while and only opened his mouth after a long time.“I don’t want her to
worry too much.” Edward sighed.“But sooner or later, she’ll find out that she’s no longer fertile.”Elaine
was astonished at the door.Her mind went blank in an instant.‘I’m no longer fertile? What does that
mean?’ Ian lowered his gaze.“I know, but before that, I can show her the certificate of my vasectomy
procedure.”Edward was shocked.“You…”“After all, I owe her that.She wouldn’t have gotten hurt if she
hadn’t pushed me away.”The study was quiet for a moment, and Elaine standing outside the door did
not even dare to breathe loudly.She held the tray in her hands tightly.All of a sudden, she recalled
Lucy’s emotions from the other day.And the transformation in Ian’s attitude.‘Ian wants to get into a
serious relationship with me only because I pushed him away, got hurt, and I can’t get pregnant ever
again?‘He does so because he thinks he’s indebted to me?’ She pursed her lips, turned around, and
left.She went downstairs and placed the fruit platter and tea on the table.Jenna could not help but
wonder.“Elaine, didn’t you g o to the study to deliver the fruits and tea?”“I didn’t see anyone.You can
deliver it yourself,” she replied casually and walked out of the manor without looking back.

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