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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1492

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Daisie laughed while Colton’s lips curled.

“This little thing is obsessed with money.”

The owner of the store walked out and laughed.

“Hello, little patrons.Are you interested in our Big Spender?”

“That’s its name?”

That was such a silly name! The pet store owner’s smile widened.

“Yes, didn’t it introduce itself to you? It’s called Big Spender.”

Daisie and Colton’s lips curled.

Daisie walked toward the parrot, smiled, and waved.

“Hello, Big Spender.”

The parrot flapped its wings.

“It’s great to be a Big Spender.”

She laughed, then turned to ask the owner, “Can it say a lot of words?”

“Of course.It’s a smart bird and will learn if you teach it.”

Daisie thought that it was amazing, so she looked at the parrot and said, “Happy birthday Grandpa.”

The parrot tilted its head, “Happy birthday Grandpa.”Daisie chuckled, ran to Colton, and tugged at his
arm.“I want it.”Colton nodded and looked at the pet store owner.“We’ll take it.”The owner
laughed.“Great!”After paying, the bodyguards walked behind them with the parrot in a cage.Daisie saw
Zephir walking out of a coffee shop nearby.She ran over to greet him.“Zeph!”Zephir stood in front of the
car and smiled when he saw Daisie walking over.“Daisie, why are you here?”She replied, “I’m here to
get my grandfather a birthday present.”Zephir looked toward the bodyguard who was holding the parrot
in the cage.“A parrot?”

“Yes, my grandfather probably feels bored, so we found someone to speak to him.”“That sounds
great.”Daisie chatted with Zephir and seemed to have lost track of time. Colton stood behind her with
his hands i n his pockets, rushing her.“Are we leaving?”Daisie looked back.“A little bit longer.”Colton
looked at his watch.“You get one minute.”Zephir smiled and looked at Daisie.“You should go with your
brother.”“Alright, bye then.”

She waved.Zephir watched as they got in the car and left before getting into his car.The woman in the
car with sunglasses chuckled and said, “Oh, is that your little girlfriend?”Zephir looked back and
smiled.“A lot of free time on your hands, Violet?”“Haha, you’re getting less adorable now that you’re
older.”Violet Lovegood opened up her mirror and reapplied her lipstick.“You should focus on your
studies at your age.Don’t get into a relationship yet.” Zephir smiled.“You should focus on
yourself.You’re married, yet your mother is still worried about you.”She snapped her mirror shut and
looked at him.“Don’t speak to me like you’re an adult.Do you think I wanted to get married?”She wasn’t
interested in a marriage of convenience, but she had to marry the useless Jackie Clifford.They had
been married for three years, but Jackie had been treating her badly all this time.She didn’t want any of
that.She wouldn’t have stayed if it weren’t because her father had given the order.She could no longer
live with that, so she finally came to Bassburgh to stay with her mother’s family.Zephir looked down.A
marriage of convenience was all about getting benefits through marriage.It was to elevate the status of
both families and had little to no love involved.If he had to get into a similar situation with a woman that
he didn’t love, he might just be as repulsed as his cousin.

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