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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1497

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Barbara followed beside Helios when they went around talking to the guests.

When she turned her head around, her gaze met with Elaine’s.

Elaine froze for a moment, but she still nodded at her out of courtesy.

Barbara said something to Helios, and he nodded.

After that, she put down her glass and walked toward Elaine.


Elaine was stunned.

She looked at Barbara and asked, “Is there anything I can help you with, Mrs.Boucher?”

Barbara smiled and asked, “Can I have a second with you?”

Elaine hesitated for a few seconds before nodding.


Soon, they walked into the courtyard.

Maisie and Ryleigh saw this.

After Ryleigh had given birth to her child, she and Louis had been living with her parents in Stoslo, and
she only came back recently.

Therefore, she did not know anything that happened at all.

“Who is that woman?”

Maisie pressed her lips against the rim of the glass and chuckled.

“The eldest daughter of the Xaviers.Well, there’s some story between her and Barbara.”“What kind of
story? Did I miss something?”Ryleigh pressed on.“You missed a lot of things.”Ryleigh pouted.Maisie
was right.She had missed too many things.Pearl and Tanner had gotten married and had a
baby.Maisie’s cousin had become the boss of Zestar and was in a relationship with Lucy.Meanwhile, in
the courtyard…Barbara and Elaine stood beside the fountain.Unlike the lively atmosphere in the
building, it was cold and quiet here.“Mrs.Boucher, if you want to say anything, just say it.”She could
handle everything that she told her.“Don’t get me wrong.I don’t mean anything.”Barbara pressed her
lips and chuckled when she saw how nervous Elaine was.“I just want to talk to you.”

Elaine lowered her head and replied, “I didn’t get it wrong.” “When I went to look for Ian last time, I just
wanted t o talk to him.”Elaine looked at her in confusion and asked, “Why are you telling me this?”“He’s
your fiance, so you have the right to know about it.”Elaine turned her head to look at the ripples on the
water and did not say anything.Looking at her, Barbara continued.“I just don’t want t o cause you any
trouble because of me.The things between him and me are already in the past.My heart belongs to
Helios now.”Elaine nodded.“I know…”Then, she remembered something and lowered her head in
dejection, “We didn’t get together because we love each other.I don’t know him well, and I only realize
that I can’t replace your place in her heart after knowing more about him.”Elaine chuckled upon saying
that.“He only wanted to start a relationship with me because he felt that he should be responsible for
my injury.I know how much I weigh in his heart.”

‘For him, I’m nothing”Barbara was stunned.“Are you sure about that?”Elaine looked at Barbara.“Is it
not?”Barbara laughed.“Did he tell that to you himself?”Elaine was stunned and shook her head.Ian had
never said anything like that before.It was all nothing but her speculation.“Since he didn’t say anything
like that, how do you know how much you weigh in his heart?”Barbara sighed.“The last time I talked to
him, I asked him what he thought of you.”Elaine clenched her fist tightly.She wanted to know his

answer, but at the same time, she did not want to know about it.She was torn.Barbara could see her
struggle and said, “He told me that he doesn’t hate you.”She mumbled, “What kind of answer is
that?”“Honestly, it’s considered a good answer from him.”Elaine was stunned again.

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