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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1496

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“Thank you for your reminder.”After the meeting was dismissed, Elaine’s secretary walked up to her
and asked, “Are you all right, Ms.Xavier?”Elaine shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine.”“You seem
distracted.Did you have a fight with your fiance?” asked her secretary.Elaine froze and lowered her
head.Things would have been easier if they were only having a fight.She did not even know what had
happened between them this time.Neither of them talked when Ian sent her back home last night.The
atmosphere in the car had been awkward, and she was certain that he thought she did not understand
him at all.Looking at the troubled expression on her face, her secretary comforted her.“Actually, both of
you just need to sit down and talk everything out.If you refuse to communicate, no one will know what’s
on your mind.”Elaine let out a bitter smile and said, “What if he gets even angrier after I tell him
everything?”Her secretary was stunned.“Is your fiance such a petty-minded man? What is it about that
would make him angry after you told him?”Elaine pressed her lips tightly and said, “It’s not his
problem.M-Maybe I’m just being nosy.”Her secretary was even more confused.“You’re his fiancee, so
isn’t it normal that you want to know more about him? It would be abnormal if you didn’t care about him
at all.”Elaine returned to her office and massaged her temples on her chair.Suddenly, she chuckled at
herself.They were just having a marriage of convenience.However, she was the one who fell in love
with Ian.They had said they wouldn’t interfere with each other’s private life, but she was the one who
poked her nose into his stuff.Even though Ian treated her sincerely after she inadvertently took the stab
for him, at the end of the day, she still couldn’t replace Barbara’s position in his heart.Even if he felt that
he owed her something, she was certain that he felt he owed Barbara even more.Suddenly, she
received a text message from Lucy. [Sis, my mom told me to remind you not to forget to attend
Mr.Goldmann Sr’s birthday party.] ‘Mr.Goldmann Srs birthday party, huh?’ Elaine frowned.‘The
Bouchers and the Goldmanns have a great relationship.Does this mean that Barbara will b e there as
well?’ Just as she expected, all of the Bouchers were at Nicholas’ birthday party.The Goldmanns did
not invite a lot of people, and most of them were their close friends.The Hannigans, the Bouchers, and
the Lucases…Most of the prestigious families in the city had come to his birthday party.It was
Nicholas’s birthday.His face was full of smiles, and he was in high spirits since his son, daughter-in-

law, and grandchildren were with him.“I heard that Mr.Goldmann Sr”s daughter-in-law prepared the
birthday party.He treats her like his own daughter.”“Well, his daughter-in-law has given him three
grandchildren.Not only is she smart and talented, but Mr.Goldmann loves her to the core.Now the
Goldmanns have three heirs, and you can see from the fact that he adores his daughter-in-law when
he allowed Mr.Goldmann’s daughter to carry her mother’s surname.”All of the guests were envious of
Maisie.When Maisie first married Nolan, everyone in Bassburgh thought she did not deserve
Nolan.After all, most of the women who married into rich families did not lead happy lives.They only got
married because of their family status and the benefits they would gain from the marriage.However, not
only was Maisie a pretty woman, but she was also talented and had brought a lot of fortune to Nolan.It
went without saying that Nicholas would adore her from the bottom of his heart.What’s more, Nolan
spent all his time on his wife after being married for so many years.He did not have any scandals with
any women, nor did he make his wife worry about him.Not many men in Bassburgh could do that to
their wives like him.Elaine followed the Xaviers and walked around.She looked at those couples, as
well as Lucy and Hector, and a surge of sadness erupted from the bottom of her heart.Edward led them
toward Nicholas to give him birthday gifts.Nicholas was happy tonight, treating all the guests with great

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