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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1498

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Barbara stood beside her and continued.“His distrust of women stems from the fact that he had a
greedy mother.His birth wasn’t honorable.His mother gave birth to him behind Mr.Saldana’s back
because she wanted to use him as a bargaining chip to get herself a good life.He’s an illegitimate
son.After being rejected by Mr.Saldana, his mother pushed all the blame and responsibility on him. “His
childhood life is rougher than anyone in the world.Even a beggar has a better life than him, and what
he has experienced is something we have never experienced before.If he hadn’t met my father, he
might not have lived until today, or he would’ve gone down the wrong path.“I used to be unaware of his
identity as an undercover agent, and I did not know how dangerous the mission he carried out was.As
such, his unceremonious departure left me very upset and heartbroken.“It was not until several years
ago that I learned he felt guilty about me because of what happened to me.He couldn’t bring himself to
face me and his own mistakes, so he chose not to see me.He has been living in remorse and has even
given up on his career.“His inability to let go of his guilt for me is the same a s my disappointment at his
sudden disappearance.Our relationship didn’t even blossom.Since there’s no beginning, there’s no end
either.It’s just a nostalgic recollection of each other’s regrets.“He isn’t the kind of man who would fall in
love easily.I’m not exaggerating things, but the women he has seen while an undercover agent are
even more than the clothes he’s worn.He’s abandoned his emotions and shut his heart off for the sake
of the mission.The reason he’s attracted to me is that I’m the daughter of the one who saved
him.”When Barbara finished talking, she turned her head to look at Elaine.“Other than me, you’re the
first woman I’ve ever heard him say he doesn’t hate.”He had even just taken advantage of her sister,
Katrina.He had not had any feelings for her at all.Elaine remained silent.She had thought that it was not
easy for him to risk his life becoming an undercover agent, but it turned out that it had not been easy
for him since he was a child. Barbara put her hand on her shoulder and continued.“If you really love
him, then don’t give up on him.”Elaine’s heart shook.Barbara returned to the living room, and Maisie
walked up to her.“You two are done speaking?”“Yeah,” Barbara replied with a smile.Ryleigh came over
and chimed in.“What are you guys talking about? Hurry up and tell me.”Barbara pushed her head away
and said, “Shoo, shoo, it’s none of your business.”Ryleigh was so sad that she stamped her feet in

frustration, “How can you two be so mean? I haven’t seen you guys for a few years, and you’re
sidelining me .”Both of them chuckled.Meanwhile, Waylon, Thomas, and Jackie came in.“My dear son-
in-law!”Nicholas was talking with his friends, and he was stunned.“Why did you come together?”He was
talking to Waylon.“Brother!”When Daisie saw Waylon, she threw herself into his arms and smiled.“I
missed you so much!”Waylon patted her head fondly and looked at Colton, who was standing beside
him.“I missed you guys too.”Thomas laughed and said, “I ran into Waylon on the plane, so I brought
him to Octavia to spend a day with me before bringing him to celebrate your birthday.”Nolan nodded
and greeted, “Grandpa.”Thomas patted his shoulder.“It has been a year.”Nolan chuckled.“Yeah.It’s
been a year.”Nicholas looked at Waylon and asked, “How about your great grandfather?”“He is still in
Yaramoor,” replied Waylon.“He couldn’t make it in time, so he asked me to bring you a present.”“What
a shameless old man.It seems to me that he won’t leave the Hathaways until he achieves his
goal.”Nicholas harrumphed.“Well, you reap what you sow.Judging from what he did to his wife when h
e was young, he really deserves it.”

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