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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1503

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Chapter 1503

Coton was outstanding in a private school, and some universities had already given him admission
letters even when he was just 13.

Maisie hugged Nolan’s waist. “Yes, our son is a genius. I’ll let you make the arrangements then.”

Nolan called the school’s principal personally and arranged for Wayion’s transfer, and it was done.
Wayion would be in the top class, the same as Zephir.

The students in that class started chattering once they found out that there would be a new student

Zephir was reading on his desk, and even though he wasn’t particularly paying attention to the new
transfer, he was


The teacher walked over with the transfer student, and everyone looked toward the window.

Zephir looked too and felt that the person looked familiar.

The teacher walked into the classroom with a smile and stood at the front of the class, “Please quiet
down. We have a student who transferred in from a school overseas. I hope that you’ll be able to show
him around. Let’s welcome him.”

“Isn’t that Coleman Goldmann?”

“Is this a mistake?”

The other students were all questioning, but Zephir knew who he was.

The teacher nodded toward Wayion and said, “Mr. Goldmann, introduce yourself.” Waylon picked up
the marker and wrote his name on the board.

(Wayne Goldmann)

He faced his classmates calmly and said,” It’s nice to meet all of you.”

The news about Wayion transferring in and skipping two school years shook the school.

Everyone was even more surprised when they found out that he was Colton’s twin brother.

They knew about the Goldmann triplets, had seen Daisie and Colton, but never met Wayion.

That day, they realized that Wayion looked exactly like Colton.

The only differences were some features and characteristics.

Colton had a mole at the corner of his eyes and was arrogant. He wasn’t easy to speak to

Waylon didn’t have a mole and looked cold but wasn’t arrogant.

Dalsie heard that her brother was in the same class as Zephir, so she went to the high school area to
see him once the bell rang.

She saw Wayion downstairs, so she ran toward him. ‘Wayion!”

Waylon stopped walking and turned to look at her with a gentle smile. “Why are you here, Daisie?”

She was out of breath. “Are you really staying in the country and no longer leaving?” “Yes, I’m not
leaving anymore. “That’s great!” Daisie hugged him.

Zephir walked down the stairs and saw that.

Daisie saw him too. “Zeph?”

He walked toward them while smiling. ” Daisie.” He looked at Wayion, “Goldmann, we’re in the same

Wayion nodded at him.

Daisie was surprised. “Hmm? You’re in Zeph’s class?”


Wayion looked straight into Zephir’s eyes.” It’s nice to meet you.”

One month later…

Daisie had become the envy of the school.

She had two brothers who spoiled her and Zephir, and even the usually arrogant and annoying Leah
got close to her.

She had become the person everyone loved.

Finals were coming along. Daisie would go to the library to study while the two brothers, Zephir, and
Leah would go with her.

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