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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1501

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Chapter 1501

After taking a shower, Elaine walked out of the bathroom.

She had prepared a few sets of lingerie, but she didn’t dare put them on after tonight and just chose a
loose T-shirt that covered her thighs.

She walked down and saw lan going through some documents on the couch.

“You’re still awake.” She walked over.

lan looked up at her and placed the documents on the table. “Can you sign here, please?”

She sat down on the couch and took the documents. It was the agreement to receive 5% of shares
from Synergy

“This is what I’ve promised you.

With the 5% of shares from Synergy, it meant that she was a shareholder of Synergy, and that was

something he had promised her.

Elaine didn’t really care about the shares, but she felt complicated when lan actually gave them to her
because this was part of the agreement for their marriage.

She didn’t sign.

lan looked at her. “Is everything alright?”

Elaine slowly said, “You wanted to give me shares because it was a term of our marriage of
convenience, right?”

He smiled. “That’s no longer the case.”

Elain paused, then looked up.

lan leaned in close to her. “This is my wedding gift to you.”

Her face flushed. She lowered her head but still didn’t put down her signature.

lan suddenly hugged her. “What’s on your mind?”

Elaine pressed her lips together and looked up. “I’m thinking about me.

“lan, I’m thinking if I’m being selfish. If you really want to get married and want your own children in the

“We can adopt” lan gently touched her face and cut her off. “Elaine, if you like kids, we’ll just adopt.”

She closed her eyes. “Do you really not mind?”

“I don’t mind.” He held her closer to his chest. “I’m indifferent about children and never really thought
about having them.

“Do you remember the manager who you spoke to at the restaurant?’

She paused. “Yes.”

lan planted his face on her neck. “When we were undercover together, he had a pregnant fiancee who
died while giving birth. When we went to collect her corpse, the doctor said that the fiancee

managed to give birth to the child.”

lan beamed, his hand holding hers. “The child was the result of their love but not something that is
required. Even if I have my own wife, I wouldn’t want her to suffer through that either.”

Thus, he wasn’t repulsed when he found out that Elaine might be barren, even though he felt sorry for

He felt sorry because he was the cause of her infertility. If someone else wasn’t able to accept her, he

Elaine wrapped her arms around him to hug him while smiling through tears. “But I don’t know how to
repay you.”

lan put his hand on the side of her neck, raised her face, and wiped away her tears.” Staying with me
would be compensation.”

“lan-” He kissed her lips.

lan carried her into the room while they were still locked in a kiss and gave her an unforgettable

The night grew dark outside the window. It was silent outside.

He hugged the sleeping beauty until the waves calmed and kissed her forehead.

Morning broke, and the sun shone through the curtains into the house.

lan slowly opened his eyes, but the space next to him was empty.

He put on his clothes and went downstairs. He saw Elaine standing in the kitchen and watching a
cooking tutorial while she made breakfast.

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