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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1505

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Chapter 1505

Edward put on his indoor slippers and stood there. “Did the doctor say something?”

“They said that if I continue the pregnancy, it’ll be a high-risk one.” Jenna didn’t dare look into his eyes
while she said that.

Edward remained quiet for a few seconds.’ We’ll see what happens. It’s fine if it doesn’t work. We have
a daughter, and it’s enough.”

Jenna looked at him in surprise.

After decades of being married, she thought he wouldn’t understand her.

Other than the situation with Lucy, which surprised her, she didn’t expect that he would change so

On Lucy’s side, there was a piece of good news too-she was pregnant!

Maisie caught wind of that and visited them after Hector told her.

It was Lucy’s first pregnancy and not an easy one. She threw up everything she ate and took a few
days off.

Maisie brought some sour plums over when she visited.

Lucy popped one in her mouth to help relieve the discomfort. “Thank you so much, Ms. Vanderbilt.”

“Don’t mention it,” Maisie sat next to her bed and laughed. “You should just call me Maisie like Hector
when we’re not at work.’

Lucy paused, then smiled. “Maisie.”


The two brothers brought Daisie to a pet store.

As they looked at the various dog breeds there, she didn’t know which to pick because they were all
too cute.

The manager showed a poodle to her, but she shook her head because her eyes fell on a brown
Alaskan Malamute with light blue eyes that looked so clear.

“I want this one.”

Wayion and Colton looked at each other. They knew she would pick this large sled dog.

It was fluffy and looked safe, so a lot of girls loved them.

The manager checked the dog while Maisie sat on the side and rested her head in her hand. It was
quiet and didn’t look very cheeky. “I want to name it.”,

Colton crossed his arms. “Can you give it a normal name, please?”

He didn’t ask for it to be a fun name.

People would usually give their pets a fun or unique name.

Daisie had named the previous dog Reddy, which war better than the parrot ‘Big Spender’

Daisie seemed to have ignored him. “How about Coldbar?”

The two brothers were rendered speechless. They shouldn’t have expected too much from their sister’s
naming ability.

At that moment, a woman in sunglasses walked into the store.

The woman had a black turtleneck with a brown coat and skirt. She looked fashionable and classy. All
her clothes were from luxury brands and looked expensive.

Violet suddenly looked toward Daisie, removed her sunglasses, and smiled,” Daisie honey, is that you


Daisie was lost. “Do… you know me?”

Wayion looked at her and thought that she looked familiar.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.” Violet stood in front of them and held out a hand,” I’m Zephir’s cousin.
I’ve seen you before.”

“You’re Zeph’s cousin?” She didn’t remember him mentioning her.

Violet smiled. “Mm-hmm.”

The manager finished checking Goldbar and walked over with it in his arms. He saw Violet and smiled.
“Ms. Lovegood, you’re here. Lady is done with her shower. I’ll bring her out in a bit.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not in a hurry.”

Violet looked at the Alaskan Malamute in Daisie’s arms. “Do you like dogs too?”

She replied, “Yes!”

“I love them too. I have a poodle called Lady. What is this cutie’s name?”

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