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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1516

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Chapter 1516

Penelope was in a worse state. Her face was swollen, and her hair was messy. She looked more like à
crazy woman than a socialite

Someone called the police, and they arrived quickly at the scene, “Who was fighting?

The officer saw Jackie there and was surprised, “Mr. Clifford?”

Penelope pointed at Violet and said,” Officer, she hit me.”

The officer looked at her and then at Violet, and he was troubled.

Wasn’t she the Lovegood who had married Jackie?

The officer had to be careful about what

Jackie thought

Before Jackie said anything, Violet walked over to the officer. “Officer, I’ll leave with you and

Daisie was anxious and pointed at Penelope, “My aunt didn’t start the fight. She did:

Penelope’s expression changed.

The officer fell silent for a moment before taking Penelope along.

Daisie wanted to go after them, but Jackie held her back. “Go home.”

She pushed his hand away. “You knew that it wasn’t her fault. Why didn’t you help her?”

Jackie’s expression was awkward. “She fought back too.”

Daisie couldn’t understand. “Do you really hate her that much, Uncle Jackie?”

He didn’t answer. He hated her because he had to marry a woman he didn’t love, but he knew that
Violet was forced into it too, and they didn’t have a choice.

He didn’t care how bad her reputation was because she would just be there to appease his

grandfather. As long as she behaved, he would be fine with her.

But after the wedding, she didn’t behave and kept going out to meet other men. It was inappropriate
and immoral. How could he not hate her?

At the police station…

Mr Lovegood received the call and rushed to the station to find out more. He was ushered into the
interrogation room with a stoic face.

Violet sat on the chair with her arms crossed and didn’t look like she was sorry about anything.

He was outraged, “How could you get arrested after New Year’s?”

She touched her nails. “I didn’t start it.”

“And you think that makes you right?”

Seeing how angry he was the officer said: Please calm down, Mr. Lovegood. Please bring her home.

“Bring her home?” He scoffed. “If she likes this place, she’ll stay here tonight or until she realizes her

“Mr. Lovegood?” A few officers were troubled when they saw Mr. Lovegood leaving.

The day turned dark soon on the winter’s night.

Jackie walked out of the station. It was the start of the new year, and the station was fairly quiet. Only a
few officers were there, and when they saw that the person walking in was someone they knew, they
greeted him, “Mr. Clifford, here to get your wife?”

He nodded but didn’t speak.

The walkway was quiet, and the officers’ conversation echoed. “Mr. Lovegood was really so cruel to his

He looked back and was going to walk away when the people continued.” Businessmen only care
about benefits. The children never get to decide on their own marriage. But if he stopped it, their
relationship wouldn’t be as bad.” “Was it because of that incident?”

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