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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1514

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Chapter 1514

The dress itself had a more playful and distinctive design, so more mature women could not handle it
too well. That was why it suited young girls more.

The dress looked amazing when it was on Daisie.

In addition to being young and having a good temperament, she had also inherited her parents’ looks.

She was 14 years old this year and had already grown into a young belle. If she were to grow up, it
would not surprise Violet that she would become the number one beauty in Bassburgh.

“Daisie, baby, how can you be so pretty? I love it so much!” Violet hugged her and rubbed her cheek.” If
I were a man, I would wait for another ten years to get you.”

She really liked Daisie’s beauty so much!

Daisie felt helpless.

“Yo, isn’t this Ms. Lovegood?” A slender figure came out from behind. Violet’s smile disappeared as she
turned around and saw a tall, red-haired woman walking toward them.

All the clothes the woman had on were from high-end luxury brands, so when coupled with her
exquisite makeup and glamorous aura, those who did not know would think she was a celebrity

The store manager felt a little awkward. One of them was the daughter of the king of casinos, and the
other was the daughter of the king of jewelry. Thus, whether it was the Lovegoods or the Potters, both
were families one could not trme with.

“Ms. Potter, our store has just launched a new dress. Do you want to,“ “Why is your shop welcoming
such a woman with corrupt morals?” Penelope interrupted the manager and looked at Violet. “This
woman cheated on her husband with multiple men after marriage. I really feel sorry for Mr. Clifford After
all, the Lovegoods have offered such a promiscuous daughter for the marriage. It’s truly a disaster for
the Cliffords.”

Violet’s reputation in the Octavian socialite circle had never been positive.

She had always been an unrestrained woman and changed her partners often. In their words, Violet
was a sit.

It was just that she was the daughter of the Lovegoods, so no one had the guts to say that to her face.

The reason Penelope dared to confront her was not that her family’s jewelry company was better than
that of the Lovegoods, but because she thought Violet was the one who had snatched her boyfriend,
who had been with her for three years. That was why she hated Violet that much.

Violet was not a well-tempered woman either. Upon facing Penelope’s provocation and sarcasm, the
corners of her lips twitched, and she smirked. “You’re still chasing after me and mocking me after all
these years for a worthless man. I really don’t deserve that”

Violet ignored her pale and infuriated face. “The man you had been with for three years came to me,
wanting to be my man He even broke up with you. And here you are, talking sh*t about me as if he’s
still that magnanimous prince that you once knew back then. Your love is really cheap.”

“Violet Lovegood!” She trembled with anger. “You shameless b*tch! It’s obvious that you’re the one who
seduced him!”

“Since when did you see me seducing him?” Violet stopped in front of her and took a good look at her.
“Do you think I’m the one who sweet-talked him into breaking up with you?

“Besides, I won’t even want to keep such a man by my side even if you deliver him to my doorsteps.
You’re the only person who would still take a sc*mbag who turned to another woman behind your back
as the biggest treasure of your life. I’ve helped you see that man’s true colors, so you should thank me
for that.” Violet patted Penelope on her shoulder.

Penelope smacked her hand away and slapped her with a backhand.

Violet could not dodge it in time and got caught off guard by the slap.

Daisie ran over. “What makes you think you have the right to hit others!?”

“Little b*tch, mind your own business.” Penelope pushed Daisie away. “So what if I were to beat her?
She’s the cheap one here. If you dare tell me what to do, I’ll hit you too while I’m at it.”

Daisie stood in front of Violet with her arms akimbo. “I dare you to hit me, right here, right now.”

“You think I dare not?”

Daisie lifted her chin and snorted. “I don’t care who you are. If you dare to beat either of us today, I’ll
get your whole family to apologize publicly tomorrow.”

Penelope laughed angrily. “Little girl, who do you think you are? How dare you be so arrogant when
you’re talking to me!?”

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