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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1524

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Maisie continued calmly.“Both of you were forced into marriage.You think it’s a disgrace to the Cliffords
after marrying her.However, the reality is that everyone pitied the Cliffords for letting such a woman into
their home.”She took a deep breath. “The only person who really suffers from criticism is
Violet.Everyone will only laugh at her.She doesn’t care about it because it’s the result she wants.“Long
before you two get married, she had been doing everything she could to ruin her reputation.You’re not
satisfied with the marriage, and you’re not happy with her being your wife.Do you think she’s happy
with the arrangement? Now that you’re divorced, for her, it’s the result that she has ever wanted in the
first place.“In the end, she’s the stupid one.And you’re right about one thing.She’s the one who ruined
her own reputation, and she doesn’t care about it.But are you sure there are women in this world who
don’t care about their reputation?”She wouldn’t understand Violet’s intent to ruin her reputation if she
didn’t know exactly what had happened to Violetn.It was not that Violet did not care about her
reputation.It was just that her heart was dead.Her heart was dead, and she had no attachment to the
world.She was just living her life like a walking corpse.As for her father, he was the proprietor who
caused the disaster and made her lose the love of her life.However, not only did he not reflect on his
mistake, but he also arranged all kinds of marriages for her.Truth be told, Maisie felt that she was
rather tough.If she weren’t that tough, she might have ended her life.Nobody knew the things that had
happened to her.Everyone was just looking at the surface and thought she was that kind of woman.She
turned a blind eye to the controversy, criticism, mockery, and contempt that everyone threw at
her.However, no one knew how much she was disappointed in the world.Jackie stood silently.He did
not say anything in return.Maisie lowered her head and said, “Since you guys have gotten a divorce,
you should stop being so harsh on her.”She turned around and entered the living room, leaving Jackie
to stand in the corridor alone. Violet did not know that the media would capture a photo of them
appearing in the city hall on camera.As soon as she came out of the hotel, reporters surrounded
her.“Ms.Lovegood, we heard that you’ve gotten a divorce with Mr.Clifford.Is it because of those
scandals you had some time ago?”“Ms.Lovegood, can you tell us the details of your divorce?”The
reporters’ questions might sound like normal questions on the surface, but Violet knew what they

wanted to know.She was certain they were asking if the Cliffords abandoned her due to her
indecency.Looking at the camera and microphone in front of her, Violet replied without batting an
eye.“So what if I get a divorce? It’s none of your business.”She wanted to leave, but the reporters did
not give her the chance.One of them threw an ill-intent question at her.“The Cliffords think you have too
many scandals, right? That’s the reason Mr.Clifford decided to get a divorce with you.”Violet coldly
looked at the reporter who threw her the question and said, “My scandals have nothing to do with my
divorce.Aren’t you guys just trying to say I’ve been abandoned?“But I don’t care what you guys think,
and I can do whatever I want.”She pushed the reporters away and walked forward.Suddenly, she heard
someone calling her “wh*re”, and she stopped in her tracks.She turned her head to look at the crowd
and scoffed coldly, “That’s right.I’m a wh*re.”After that, she pulled the door open and went into the
car.On the Internet, whenever it was about the divorce between Violet and Jackie, the comment
sections would be filled with many harsh comments.#If she hadn’t misbehaved herself, would she get
disowned by the Cliffords?# #She has cheated on her husband so many times, yet her husband is okay
with it?# #How much does it cost to sleep with her?# Inside the car, Violet read through the comments
one after another without any expression on her face.

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