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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1525

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Chapter 1525

In the end, Violet switched off her phone so that she wouldn’t get affected by it.

Since the reporters had twisted her words, Violet was branded with labels, such as wh*re and arrogant
b*tch, once the magazine was published.She was subjected to online bullying right after New Year’s

Everyone thought that Violet was a loose woman.

Not only did she not admit her mistake, but she also treated the reporters arrogantly after her divorce.

There were all sorts of comments about her on the Internet, and most of them were bad.

In the meantime, the publishing company received a call from Thomas.

Nobody knew what Thomas had said, but the owner of the publishing company ran into the department
and asked, ”

Where are the 5,000 copies of the magazine printed yesterday?”

“It’s all been distributed.”

The owner’s expression changed, and he said, “Hurry up and call them back.Withdraw those
magazines.They can’t be distributed.If not, bad things will happen!”

Everyone in the department worked all morning, and they only got back 3,000 copies of the magazine.

There were about 1,000 copies that other people had already bought.

The owner of the publishing company scratched his head in frustration.

He planned to boost the sales of these magazines during the holiday, but he did not expect Thomas to
stand up for Violet.He was aware of how powerful the Cliffords were in Octavia.

It was just that he thought the Cliffords wouldn’t care about Violet anymore after she got a divorce from
Jackie.He asked, “Who bought the remaining thousand copies of the Magazine?”“It’s the Potters,” his
staff replied.The owner of the publishing company fell silent.‘The Potters? Isn’t she the one who had a
fight with Violet?’ Penelope was the one who had bought the remaining thousand copies of the
magazine.She contacted other publishing companies specializing in exposing other people’s scandals
and printed another 4,000 copies of the magazine for distribution.She wanted to banish Violet into
oblivion! Violet hadn’t gone home for two days.When Rose went to the Clifford mansion and asked if
they had seen Violet or not, Thomas was stunned.“She hasn’t returned home yet?” Rose shook her
head. “Not yet.She didn’t even pick up my call.I’m worried if it’s because of the news in the past two
days…”Thomas thought for a while and looked at Jackie.“Jackie, you should go and look for her.”“Why
should I?”Jackie said flatly, “Do you think it’s appropriate for me to look for her if she’s staying at
another person’s house?”Thomas’s face sank.It went without saying that he knew the “another
person”Jackie was talking about was another man.Rose looked at Jackie and said, “Jackie, Violet isn’t
that kind of woman.She doesn’t have a lot of friends after her return from overseas.”

“She doesn’t have friends?” Jacke scoffed.“She has been rumored to have seen a lot of people behind
my back. Are they not her friends?”“Jackie!”Thomas shouted, “Even if you don’t like Viv, both of you are
already divorced.There’s no need to defame her.”“Am I the one who defamed her, or she’s the one who
defamed herself? I’m sure you know that better than me.”He took his jacket and walked toward the
outside.Meanwhile, Daisie came into the room with Zephir.“Great – grandpa, we know where Aunt
Violet is!”When Rose saw Zephir, she was stunned.“Zephir?”Zephir nodded at her.

“Auntie.”Thomas looked at them and asked, “You guys know where she is?”Daisie pointed at Zephir
and smiled.“Zeph said he knows where she is!”“Zephir, did Violet contact you?” asked Rose.“Nope, she
didn’t contact me,” replied Zephir.“It’s just that I know her better, and there is only one place that she

would go.”Rose was stunned.At the St.Maria Orphanage…Violet was sitting in the courtyard, teaching
the kids how to fold a paper crane.The dean of the orphanage came over and called out to
her.“Viv.”She put the paper crane on her hand and slowly rose to her feet.“Yeah?”The dean smiled
gratefully when she saw how happy Violet was with the kids.“Thank you for staying with them these two
days.They are very happy.”

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