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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1529

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Chapter 1529Violet lowered her gaze.‘Over the years, while I’ve hated my father for Jacob’s death, I’ve
ignored my mother’s love for me too. In the end, all my relatives could only condone my doings
helplessly.‘All I could think of all these years was my hatred and resentment toward the world, so much
so that I’ve neglected the fact that there are people who care about me.‘I can’t let go of my grudge
because I can’t live on happily due to Jacob’s death.‘Before today, I didn’t understand Jacob’s intention
when he saved me from the bullet.He didn’t die on my behalf just to make me live in guilt for the rest of
my life”Two days later…In front of all the media, Thomas made the news public that he had taken
Violet in as his god- granddaughter.He also clarified that Violet and his grandson had decided to get a
divorce not because of Violet’s lifestyle but because of their incompatibility.He supported Violet
publically and accused the media of misinterpreting the truth.And Thomas’s decision to come forward
and support Violet in person shut all online haters up.The news pushed Violet onto the trending list of
Google Trends.And the dean of St.Maria Orphanage even issued a statement for Violet.Soon, it was
revealed that Violet had been holding art exhibitions and secretly carrying out public welfare
activities.Violet had never used her name for all the donations and public welfare activities she had
contributed to.She had always donated all her earnings to all sorts of organizations under the name of
“Jacob’s Art Studio”.Thus, no one knew that the owner behind Jacob’s Art Studio was Violet.No one
knew that the ignorant and dissolute daughter of the Lovegoods would have such artistic talent.Jacob’s
Art Studio ushered in the highest number of visitors it had ever experienced at the end of the year.All
portraits and oil paintings in the exhibition, be it a character or scenery, seemed to have been given
fresh meanings and lives.Maisie and Nolan came to the art studio, and they were happy for Violet when
they saw that there were quite a lot of guests visiting the exhibition gallery.Nolan wrapped his arms
around her shoulders. “You can rest assured now, can’t you?”“Yeah.” She said as she turned to look at
Nolan, “After this incident, I think I’m very lucky.”“I’m lucky that Nolan has always been here with
me”Nolan laughed.“Do elaborate more on that.”“I’m thinking, if you were to have died back then, would
I inherit your wish and live on as Violet does?”‘Jacob’s Art Studio, as the name suggests, Jacob has
always been her inspiration.‘Jacob might be gone, but Violet has inherited his dream and passion and

has opened an art studio with his name.Although not everyone knows much about him, to Violet, he
was an existence that can never be erased.‘Perhaps, this is the only thought that can support Violet
through the rest of her life”Nolan held her tightly in his arms and rested his chin on the top of her
head.“I’m also glad that God didn’t make me leave you behind back then.”No one would know what
would happen tomorrow, so one could only cherish the people that appeared, existed, and passed by
one’s life.Violet was occupied from morning to night.All the staff of the exhibition hall had already gotten
off work, and she was the only person who stayed behind to frame all the paintings.It was raining
heavily outside the window.Violet stopped what she was doing, got up, walked to the windowsill, and
closed the window.The figure projected on the window pane startled her.She turned around only to see
Jackie standing at the door, and she breathed a sigh of relief.“What are you doing standing at the door
without saying a word? You almost scared the cr*p out of me.”Jackie crossed his arms.“Only those
who’ve done bad things will be scared.”“You’re all mouth.”Violet was so angry.“I’m the only one left in
the whole gallery.The corridors are all pitch-black, and someone suddenly appeared behind me.Who
wouldn’t be scared by that!?’

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