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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1532

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Chapter 1532They only went home reluctantly as evening approached.Originally, the three children had
come in the same car as Violet, but the four children got into the same car at the end of the day.
Looking at them leaving her behind, Violet clicked her tongue.“Such immorality! This is getting too
much!”‘These b*stards must have colluded”Jackie lowered the car window and raised his
eyelids.“Aren’t you leaving?”She was startled.She then thought of something and snorted softly.“I’ll die
before Thitch a ride with your car.”Violet clearly remembered when he left her at the city hall the other
day.Who knew what was going through his mind at that moment? Jackie knew that she was still angry,
so he spoke slowly.“I’ll send you home for real this time.”“Are you serious?” Violet sneered.“How would
I know that you won’t leave me on the freeway this time?”If this were before, he would have long been
impatient and asked his driver to leave her behind.However, he had not shown any trace of impatience
so far.“I won’t.” Violet looked at his strange expression.‘Why am I getting this hunch that something has
gone wrong with him after the divorce?’ In the end, she got into the car.While they were on their way,
the atmosphere in the car was dead silent, and no one broke the awkward silence.Jackie turned to look
at her.Violet kept staring out the window.Her face that was reflected on the glass made it seem like she
was absent-minded, but it also seemed that she was lost in her thoughts, looking all sad.He retracted
his gaze and cleared his throat after a short while.“What do you want to eat?”When Violet heard his
voice, she turned her head, stared at him in confusion, and pointed to herself.“Are you asking me
that?”Jackie glanced at her and frowned slightly.“Otherwise, who else is in this car?”She was
astonished for a few seconds, then suddenly moved to his side.“Please, do come clean with me.”She
leaned up to him as she spoke.“Have you been possessed by some ghost or wraith?”The driver was on
the brink of losing his mind and bursting into laughter. Jackie grinned and gnashed his teeth.“You
wouldn’t come up with this conclusion if your brain was only slightly normal.”‘Me being possessed by a
ghost? She’s the only person who’s capable of coming up with such an idea”“Eh? Have you just
returned to normal?”Violet was not angry either and glanced at him.“I’m just not used to you suddenly
turning into a completely different person.”Jackie paused and said lightly, “Didn’t I promise you that I’d
get along with you?”Violet stopped talking because it was indeed the case.‘It’s just that he’s adapted to

the change and started to get along with me too quickly, but I still can’t get used to it.‘Sure enough,
there’s an enormous difference between how he treats his wife and god-sister”She crossed her arms
and answered the previous question, “I want to eat Duck al’Orange.”Very few restaurants in Octavia
served such a dish, and she only knew one but did not want to tell him which restaurant it was.To put it
bluntly, she only wanted to make a fuss out of this incident to see if he really wanted to get along with
her.Jackie was stunned for a bit.After a while, he asked the driver calmly, “Where can we find this dish
in Octavia?”Violet stared at him in surprise.The driver pulled over at a roadside parking space and took
out his cell phone.“Please give me a second. I’ll look it up.”The driver then found the address and
navigated to The Attic Hotel.Violet followed Jackie and stepped into the private room located on the
second floor.However, she coincidentally ran into the Potters in the corridor.Penelope and her father
had just come out of a private room after having dinner with a client.Penelope was surprised to see
Violet and Jackie appearing together.But looking at Violet’s expression, she was still disgusted.“What a
coincidence.I didn’t expect to meet you in The Attic, Young Master Clifford.”Edmund stepped forward to
greet him, which could be considered a polite action.Jackie nodded.“Yeah, what a
coincidence.”Penelope was unreconciled, so she sneered at that moment.“The Cliffords are indeed
pros when it comes to rectifying someone’s name.You actually managed to rectify a b*tch that snatched
others ’ boyfriends.”

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