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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1535

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Chapter 1535Those women who wanted his money would get paid and would not cling to him.They
would get together and separate without any issue. After all, none of them was in it for the love.But
when he met Penelope, it could be said that Brooklyn had run into trouble.Penelope was the daughter
of the Potters, and it was Penelope who had approached him first.Brooklyn had given her a decent title
as his girlfriend to put her off, but her status was not disclosed to the public.Only Penelope’s friends
knew about it.Brooklyn had broken up with Penelope because he was afraid that if he were to move on
with the extramarital relationship, Penelope would storm into his house someday.He had chosen to
break up only because he wanted to protect his wife and children.In addition, he had flirted with Violet
too, which was why Penelope had misunderstood Violet as the woman who had snatched him from
her.Jackie’s expression dimmed upon thinking of this.Violet was enjoying the Duck a L’Orange that she
had been craving for all this while, so how would she notice that Jackie was upset? At the same time,
at the Clifford mansion…Thomas planned to wait for Jackie to come back for dinner, but Daisie said,
“Great-grandpa, there’s no need to wait for Uncle Jackie.He’ll definitely not come back for dinner
tonight.”Maisie turned to look at her.“How do you know that?”Daisie smiled mysteriously, “Because
Uncle Jackie and Auntie Violet are together.They must’ve gone out to eat.”Daisie had gotten used to
calling Violet her aunt and did not want to change it.Thomas laughed and picked up his knife and
fork.“Then forget it.Let’s not wait for him and start eating.”It was already very late when Jackie brought
Violet home. After playing in the amusement park all day, Violet was already tired, and after a
scrumptious meal, she felt very drowsy and fell asleep in the car.When they arrived at the gate of the
Lovegood mansion, the driver parked the car, turned around, and was about to wake Violet when
Jackie shushed him.The driver understood his intention, immediately turned his head, grabbed his
cigarette case, got out of the car, and lit a cigarette.Violet leaned against the back of the seat with her
head slightly tilted.She did not wake up even after the car stopped.Jackie got out of the car, went
around to her side of the car, opened the door, and carried her out of the car cautiously.Violet’s head
tilted, leaned against his shoulder, and even rubbed against it several times.Jackie looked down at the
person in his arms.He had never looked at her this carefully.He prejudiced her before this, and he could

not even take a glimpse at her.Violet’s beautiful appearance looked slightly aggressive, she always
liked to put on glamorous makeup and outfits, and had had an unbearable reputation.Those were
indeed the reasons why it had always been difficult for others to get to know her.But now that he was
looking at her meticulously from this distance, Violet was not so annoying but looked rather dumb that
she looked adorable.He carried her into the room.Rose and Aaron were so surprised that they were at
a loss for words when they saw this scene.Jackie greeted them politely, “Mr.Lovegood,
Mrs.Lovegood.”Rose returned to her senses.“Jack…Jackie, is Viv asleep?” He nodded.“I’ll take her
upstairs.”Seeing him carry Violet upstairs, Rose nudged Aaron’s arm in disbelief.“Dear, did you see

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