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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1536

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Chapter 1536Jackie laid Violet on the bed and placed the pillow under her head.She was sound asleep
and wasn’t alert.He tucked her in and stood next to the bed for a while before turning off the light and
leaving the room. When Rose saw him going downstairs, she got up.“Jackie.”Jackie stopped in his
tracks and turned to look at her.“Yes, ma’am? , “Thanks for bringing her home.”“Don’t mention it.” He
nodded.“I’ll be heading home now.” Rose nodded.Watching him walk out the door, she was sad
because she liked Jackie and didn’t understand why Violet couldn’t see how good he was.Violet slept
early and woke early at 6:00 a.m. the following day.She immediately sat up when she opened her eyes
and realized that she was in her room.‘Didn’t I fall asleep in the car? How did I get back here?’ After
Violet cleaned up, she went downstairs for a drink.The helpers had already made some soup.“You’re
up so early, ma’am?”She walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water and thought of something.“How
did I get back here last night?”The helper smiled and said, “Mr.Clifford sent you home.”She paused.“I
know that he sent me home, but…who brought me up to the room?”She hadn’t slept well for the past
few days, so she was knocked out last night.She wouldn’t have remembered.The helper answered,
“Mr.Clifford carried you to your room.”Violet was surprised.She had all sorts of speculations in mind, but
that wasn’t one of them.Given his personality, it was impossible that he would carry her back to the
room.He would at most wake her up. But there was no reason for the helper to lie to her.‘So, did he…
What’s going on!?? #Brooklyn Simons found to be married: Penelope Potter was the other woman, and
Violet Lovegood took the blame.# Penelope, Brooklyn, and Violet took over the headlines.After footage
of Penelope yelling at The Attic and Brooklyn insulting her surfaced, the netizens felt sorry for her and
Violet and were angry at Brooklyn.Violet was the most innocent one, getting dragged into the
situation.Everyone thought she had been the catalyst for Penelope and Brooklyn’s breakup for years,
yet she hadn’t spoken up for herself.Some netizens said that Penelope should apologize to Violet
because she told the whole world that she was asl*t, but some people thought that Penelope was a
victim too and that Brooklyn was the one who should apologize.The discussions went three ways.Violet
had never said anything because she was too lazy to explain.Her social media had been idle since a
few years ago, and her Twitter account was disabled.Violet was rarely on social media, so the years of

online bullying didn’t affect her.She sat in the cafe having breakfast and chose a seat next to the
window.Soon, Daisie joined her.“Aunt Violet!”Violet put down the cup and explained, “I’m not Jackie’s
wife anymore.”Daisie pulled out a chair and took a seat.“We’re used to calling you Aunt Violet,
besides…”She put her chin on her hand and smiled, “Uncle Jackie didn’t object when we called you
that.”Violet took a deep breath and pretended to be angry.“How could you dump me there yesterday?
I’m so disappointed in you.” Daisie choked.“We didn’t leave you there.Uncle Jackie was there.”Violet
didn’t know what to say.“All this was for nothing.”

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