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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1537

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Chapter 1537Violet wasn’t stupid and could see that the children were trying to pull her and Jackie
back together.They were already divorced, so there was no point. “Aunt Violet, do you hate Uncle
Jackie?”“He hates me.” Daisie looked at her.“Do you hate him?”Violet confidently said, “He hates me,
so I naturally hate him as well.”“But what if he doesn’t hate you?” She paused for a moment.“I would
still hate him.”“Why?”Daisie looked past her.Violet picked up her teacup, chuckled, and said, “Because
he’s arrogant, pretentious, and ill-tempered.He’s not gentle at all.”Suddenly, a shadow lurked over
Violet and stopped behind her.“That’s what you think about me?”Violet shuddered and looked
back.Jackie wore his gold-framed glasses and stood behind her ina suit.Glasses would elevate any
look, but no other man would make glasses look better than Jackie.He looked charming yet cool but
still cunning.Violet opened her mouth and said, “Was I wrong?”Wasn’t he arrogant, pretentious, or ill-
tempered? He looked down at her.“You made that up.” Violet smiled.“I didn’t make that up.I was just
telling the truth.”Jackie didn’t argue with her but pulled out a chair and took a seat.Violet was
curious.“What are you—”He calmly said, “Breakfast.”Daisie smiled.“Uncle Jackie hadn’t had breakfast
just like me.”Violet was quiet.‘Why did he tell me that he hasn’t had breakfast? Am I stopping him?
Such a weird man”Daisie suddenly stood up with a wide grin. “Aunt Violet, Uncle Jackie, we’re going to
eat.Enjoy!”“Hey, Daisie…”Violet wanted to stop her, but she had disappeared.She finally understood
that Daisie was trapping her.She had said that she wanted breakfast, but she was gone now! She
looked at Jackie and then picked up her teacup to take a sip.Jackie turned to look at her.“That’s my
cup.”Violet spat out the tea, looked at the cup she was holding, then at the empty cup in front of her,
and was dumbfounded.“Did you drink this?”He hadn’t.He had just poured the tea but didn’t reply, nor
did he want to.Violet noticed that he hadn’t drunk it, so she awkwardly put down the cup.If he used it,
then…Seeing how awkward she was, Jackie looked back “Don’t worry.I haven’t used it.”She finally
relaxed after getting the answer.“You need to get a new cup then.”She then got a new cup for
him.Jackie looked at the cup in front of him and slightly frowned.“What if I said I used it?”Violet’s
expression froze as she looked at him.“Are you joking?”“What if I did?”“Aren’t you uncomfortable about
it?”Jackie knocked the rim of the cup and looked calm.“I’m fine with it.”She suddenly laughed and

rested her head on her hand while looking at him.“Jackie, what are you doing?”He noticed that she was
faking the laugh, so he didn’t answer.“We promised Grandpa that we would be nice to each other, but
don’t you think that this is too nice?”Violet didn’t understand.“Don’t you hate me?”

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