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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1540

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Chapter 1540“I’ll send you home.” Jackie started up the engine and drove away.Nobody spoke during
the entire journey.The quietness ground at Violet’s heart, however.She wanted to say something but
was afraid that he wouldn’t understand.She has cried in front of him twice—the first time was in Jacob’s
room, and the second time was outside the police station. Jackie parked the car outside the Lovegood
mansion and walked her in.Rose sat on the couch looking miserable, seemingly onto something.When
she saw Jackie and Violet entering together, she slowly stood up.“Violet, you’re back.”“Mon, I
—”“Alright, there’s no need to say anything.”Rose cut her off gently.“I understand your dad’s decision.”
She walked to Violet and held her hand.“Your dad made a mistake.We’ll let the court decide and wait
for him to come back, alright?”Violet’s eyes were red again as she nodded.Rose looked toward Jackie
and asked, “Why not stay for dinner?”Violet was going to help him get out of it.“He can’t.” Surprisingly,
Jackie said, “Sure.”Violet looked at him in shock.Rose smiled and asked the helper to prepare
dinner.Thomas learned about Aaron’s surrender and mentioned it while conversing with Nolan.Maisie
was aghast.Even though Aaron had planned the kidnapping all those years ago, he hadn’t asked the
kidnappers to harm anyone.They had gone against his orders and caused a catastrophe.Even though
Aaron hadn’t meant for anyone to die, he had triggered the kidnapping and indirectly caused Jacob’s
death.He could have gotten off clean with his connections, but he took responsibility for his actions
after many years. Nolan picked up the teacup.“Did he reject an appeal by the lawyers?” Thomas
nodded.“Yes, I didn’t expect him to come to this realization suddenly.”Aaron had orchestrated the
kidnapping, which was illegal.Jacob was innocent and even sacrificed himself for Violet.That wasn’t
what Aaron wanted.Unfortunately, it was impossible to undo Jacob’s death, and the past couldn’t be
changed.Was Aaron really alright, seeing how his daughter lived in hatred and regret? Not at all, but he
was too stubborn and thought that as long as Jacob was no longer in her world, time would heal all.But
the living were suffering, and Thomas understood that.Others might not be able to empathize with
Violet, but he could.That was why he was friendly to Violet.He could see himself in her, that person who
had lost his love all those years ago.Maisie looked down.“Mr.Lovegood probably wanted to right the
wrongs.” Thomas paused, then nodded.“I guess.”Meanwhile, at the Lovegood mansion…Jackie stayed

for dinner, which was his first time doing that.He had visited the mansion less than five times when he
was still married to Violet.Rose entertained him in a welcoming manner, helping him with the food.She
understood what happened to her husband but also cared about her daughter.Violet pushed the peas
around because she wasn’t hungry until Jackie placed some beef on her plate.“Eat something.”Violet
was startled and looked at him.Rose could see how nicely Jackie treated her daughter and was glad,
but she was worried that her daughter might never walk out of this.Everyone knew about their divorce.

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Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1540

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