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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1542

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Chapter 1542

“Not only did I fail Nolan’s grandmother, but I also failed Jackie’s grandmother.I couldn’t give her the
love she wanted.In the end, she died because of depression, and it caused Jackie’s father to hate me
to the core.That’s why I shower all my love on Jackie, as that’s the only thing I can do to make up for

Violet did not say anything in return.She was so shocked that she did not know what to say.

Thomas lifted his head to look at her.

“Violet, the only reason I agreed to let you both get a divorce with Jackie is that I don’t want you two to
follow in my footsteps, and I don’t want you two to hate each other for the rest of your life.”

“I also hope that you can put aside all the preconceptions from the past and get to know each other
again as new friends.Both of you still have a long way to go.There are some people and things that
can’t be forgotten as it’s ingrained deep in your heart.However, life has to go on.”

Violet grabbed the chess piece in her hand and pressed her lips tightly.

When Violet came out of the study room, she lifted her head and was stunned when she saw the figure
in the corridor.

Jackie was leaning against the window.He was looking outside, and she did not know how long he had
been standing there.

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she walked up to him and asked, “You’re not eavesdropping on
our conversation, are you?”He retracted his gaze and said, “Is there anything I need to eavesdrop on?”

Violet turned her face sideways.

“Who knows?”

She was pretty certain he was not someone who would go around to eavesdrop on other people’s
conversation, but who knew?”“Violet,” he called out to her.Just when Violet felt strange, he took a step
forward to get closer to her and said, “You’re not that annoying after all.”Violet was stunned slightly and
looked at him in disbelief.“What did you say?”Jackie fixed his gaze on her face and continued.“If we
didn’t get married, maybe I’d want to know more about you.”He had not wanted to know more about
her because he had been forced to marry a stranger.For the marriage between two rich families, they
just needed to show to the public that they were a pair of loving husband and wife. If she acted properly
to her status, it wouldn’t affect him either for her to be his wife.However, she refused to act properly to
her status and tried everything she could to cause scandals that would make people
misunderstand.Honestly, he did not think of her as a disgrace because he did not care about her.He did
not care about her, did not love her, or had any expectations of her, so he let her do everything she
wanted.He even hoped Violet could cause more trouble and destroy their marriage.

This was what he wanted as well.Violet slowly came around to her senses and said, “What a surprise.I
didn’t expect you to say something like that at all, Mr.Clifford.You want to know more about me?”Jackie
looked at her intently but did not say anything.All he could see was her self-denigration.“without this
marriage, we wouldn’t even know each other.There’s no way you would go around and ask about a
woman with a notorious reputation, right? You would only run as far as possible away from me.”Jackie
took another step closer, and his tall figure loomed over her.“Unfortunately, this assumption is no longer
valid.”What happened happened, and no one could change it.

He parted his lips open and said, “I don’t think it’s too late for me to get to know you as well.”Violet was
stunned again.“You’re joking, aren’t you?”“Nope,” he replied, his expression stern.“I’m being very
serious right now.”Realizing that he was not joking, Violet averted her gaze and looked somewhere
else.“You really are a strange guy.”“Yeah,” he replied.“Whatever you said.”Violet was tongue-tied.She
did not know what made Jackie change his mind.He clearly loathed her, but now he said he wanted to

know more about her.Thinking about his actions and attitude after the change, she might have
suspected that he was not Jackie if he did not have the same face and identity.Violet pressed her lips
and said haughtily, “There’s nothing much you need to know about me.”

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