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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1547

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Chapter 1547

Soon, Violet heard the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom, and a blurry figure appeared
on the frosted glass. The process of him taking off his clothes and taking a shower was on the brink of
being completely visible.

He’s straight up ignoring my presence! Violet looked away in embarrassment, quickly sorted out her
clothes, and walked up to the door with her handbag. Seeing that there was no one in the corridor
through the crack of the door, she left the room. She came downstairs and ran into Nolan, Maisie, and
Daisie, who were all having breakfast in the living room

Daisie came to a realization instantly. “It turns out to be Auntie Violet.”

“It turns out that Auntie Violet and Uncle Jackie slept together last night, so it seems that there’s no
need for me to try to make a match out of them now.’

Maisie cleared her throat and looked at Violet. “Do you want to have breakfast together?”

“No… There’s no need for that. I’ll eat at home.”

Violet was so embarrassed to stay for breakfast and escaped from the mansion in a hurry.

Nolan served Maisie some dishes and said to Daisie, “We’re leaving for Bassburgh today.” Daisie was
astounded. “So soon?” He chuckled. “What’s wrong with that? Have you gotten addicted to being on
holiday?” Daisie pouted and said nothing. In fact, life had been quite happy during her stay in Octavia
as she got to play with her aunt. “If you don’t want to go back, you can stay with your great-grandfather
until school reopens.” “Can I?” she asked.

Nolan responded lightly, “Your brothers will be staying here with you.”

He did not want the children to disturb the romantic serenity that he could have with his wife.

When Violet came home, Rose was making desserts in the kitchen and asked her where she had gone
last night. She told the truth that she had spent the night at the Cliffords.

Rose saw the marks on her neck and laughed. “Were you with Jackie?”

She denied it instantly. “No!” In fact, she felt a little guilty. After all, she had indeed spent the night with

But that was just an accident! Rose lowered her gaze and gave off a smile. “Violet, Jackie is actually
quite a fine man.” She was startled. “Why are you telling me that?” So what if he’s a fine man? What
does it have to do with me?’ “Then tell me the truth, do you hate Jackie?” Rose raised her head and
exchanged gazes with her.

Violet pursed her lips for a while. “I can’t say that I hate him.”

‘It’s not that I hate Jackie. Although my attitude toward him after our marriage was mostly intentional, I
was pissing him off deliberately, only hoping he would drive me away. ‘It was also proven that Jackie’s
hatred and disgust for me did grow. He indeed hated me but didn’t drive me away. No matter what I did
to force him into doing so, he was unconcerned and simply ignored me in the end. ‘I would say that
he’s a hypocritical man because he obviously hated me, but he still gave off the image of a good
husband and son-in-law in front of Elder Master Clifford or my parents. Rose smiled. “I’ll take that as a
no.” Violet crossed her arms. “Mom, we’ve gotten a divorce, and I’m his god-sister now, so don’t
overthink it.”

Rose smiled again. “You two aren’t related by blood. Having been divorced doesn’t mean that you can’t
remarry.” Violet was stunned for a few seconds. “Mom, what nonsense are you talking about? I’m going

She then turned around and left. Rose stared at the figure going upstairs and gave a soft sigh.

She still can’t let go of Jacob after all that’s happened.’ Violet returned to her room, locked the door
behind her, leaned against the door, and lowered her gaze. Her thoughts were extremely disturbed.

‘Will I remarry Jackie? I’ve never thought about it. I’ve always thought that things are impossible
between us. She then walked up to the dresser, opened the drawer, took out a photo, and gently
stroked the cheek of the man in the photo with her fingers. After looking at it for a while, she stored the
photo again and closed the drawer.

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