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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1554

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Chapter 1554

The people Violet hung out with were different from Jacob. She had gone overseas to study when she
was 16 and started dating then. Even though it was just kissing and hugging, she had seen more than
her peers, which made her realize a lot of things.

She knew that there was no reason for people to pretend to be innocent. They just needed to be
interested and go with the flow from there.

Lots of people from her country were like that too.

The people who went after her were honest that they wanted to sleep with her.

That was why she thought that Jacob was precious. It was because he was really innocent when it
came to relationships, and he would never take advantage of their relationship. He would ask for her
permission, even if it were just for a kiss. He cared about her feelings, and that was the first time she
had felt respected. That was why she could not let Jacob go, even though she knew he wouldn’t return.
She didn’t expect a man like Jackie Clifford to give her a similar feeling after Jacob.

It was different from what she felt with Jacob.

She trusted and relied on Jacob because she felt very safe with him. Jackie, on the other hand, would
give her a feeling of joy and loss-it was hard to read.

It drizzled all day the next day.

The air was wet. Violet’s hands were freezing, so she rubbed them while breathing warm air onto them.

Jackie’s car parked not too far away, and he walked toward her with a black umbrella. He stopped
before Violet and leaned the umbrella over her. “Aren’t you cold, waiting for me outside?”

She didn’t look up. “I thought you’d be here sooner.”

Thus, she was ready ten minutes earlier. Jackie held her freezing hands and put them in his coat, then
chuckled. “Nervous?” She pulled her hands back and denied it. “You wish.” Jackie unwrapped his scarf
and wrapped it around her neck. She looked away because the scarf smelled like him.

It was very warm.

He held her shoulders and ushered her to the car.

They went on a casual date like any other couple. They went to the cinema and didn’t book the entire
hall. They could feel the people around them, but nobody recognized them. After the movie, Jackie
brought her to a fine-dining restaurant. She was shocked when she saw the server bringing her favorite
Duck à l’Orange. “They have this here?” She had come here before but didn’t know they served it.
Jackie looked at her and smiled. “We own the restaurant, and knowing that you love this, I’ve specially
requested them to hire a chef for it.” Violet was stunned. “Try it.”

Violet picked up the fork and tried it. It was just like the Duck à l’Orange that she was familiar with.

He looked at her. “Is it good?”

She nodded.

“If you feel like having it in the future, just come over. It’s free.” She laughed, “There’s no such thing as
a free lunch.” “It’ll be free when you’re the owner’s wife.” She choked and coughed, then turned her
face away. “I haven’t thought about remarrying


Jackie raised his eyebrow but didn’t speak Suddenly, a woman walked in with a huge bouquet of roses.
She was the short-haired woman who had met with Jackie the other day.

She smiled and handed the bouquet to Violet. “Ma’am, Mr. Clifford got these for you.”

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