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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1560

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Chapter 1560

Jackie smiled. “We can have one ourselves.”

The smile on Violet’s face froze as she smacked his hand away. “Go have your own baby!”

Jackie chuckled and turned around to catch up to her.

Two hours later, the plane landed at Bassburgh Airport.

Quincy had been waiting for them at the entrance. When he saw the three rugrats coming out of the
gate with their baggage, he opened the trunk and carried the luggage to the car for them.

“Did you three enjoy yourselves in Octavia?”

Daisie sat on the passenger seat and asked, “Where are Dad and Mom?”

Quincy put on the seatbelt and replied, “Mr. and Mrs. Goldmann have spent so much time with you in
Octavia, so of course, they’re busy now.”

When Daisie was about to say something, she noticed a purplish bruise on his neck despite his effort to
cover it with the collar of his shirt. “Uncle Quincy, who bit your neck?”

Waylon and Colton turned their heads to look at Quincy.

Quincy was stumped and replied stiffly, “Well, I sprained my neck.” “Really?” Daisie was skeptical about
it. She did not believe Quincy at all.

After all, she had seen many of these “bite marks” on her father and mother’s necks.

Daisie did not press the matter on, so Quincy let out a sigh of relief inwardly as his back was filled with
beads of cold sweat.

After all, the three rugrats were the smartest kids he had ever seen. He had experienced their
intelligence before, and it was a difficult task to deceive them.

At Blackgold…

Nolan received a call from Tristan. He was rather surprised that Tristan would take the initiative to call

When he learned that Tristan was coming to Zlokova, his hand froze, and his pen stopped in midair.
“How long are you going to stay this time?” “I think I’m going to stay for a while,” replied Tristan. After
that, he added, “Nollace is coming with me too.”

Nolan frowned but did not say anything.

Tristan told him something, and Nolan narrowed his eyes. “A hacker?”

Tristan chuckled. “Maybe it’s a prank The ID address shows that they’re in Octavia of Zlokova.
Although I don’t know why they’re doing this to us, I’d like to ask you to check it out for me.” Nolan fell

“A prank on the Knowles, huh?’

He did not know why but had a hunch that this had something to do with Colton. Quincy pushed the
door and came in. “Mr. Goldmann.” He put the phone on the desk and lifted his eyes. “Did you pick up
the kids?” Quincy nodded. “They’re at home now.” Nolan leaned against the back of the chair and
tapped the table in a rhythmic tempo as he fell into thought.

Meanwhile, at Soul… Saydie came out of the elevator, and everyone was looking at her when she
passed by the administrative department.

All of them thought they had seen the wrong person.

One of them asked in surprise, “Saydie has never worn a skirt before, right?” Another staff member
chimed in. “Could it be that she’s seeing someone?” In their memory, shirts and pants were the go-to
attire for Say die. She had never worn high heels before, let alone a skirt. People who did not know her
might think that she was conservative, but in reality, it was because her former profession did not allow
her to wear skirts or high heels as they would restrict her movements.

This was the first time they saw Saydie wearing a skirt, and they all were intrigued.

All of them were pretty certain that she was in love. If not, there was no way she would suddenly
change her attire.

Saydie knocked on the door. After Maisie gave her permission, she pushed the door and entered the
office. Maisie was sipping on her coffee. She was taken aback when she lifted her head and saw
Saydie’s attire. “Holy!” “Is this skirt weird on me?” Saydie lowered her head to look at her attire. Maisie
put her cup down and said, “Nope. But I thought you said you don’t like to wear skirts?” She pressed
her lips and explained, “I just want to try something new.” “It looks good on you.” Maisie smiled. “You
can always wear like this in the future.”

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