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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1567

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Chapter 1567

Daisie took a sip “Well, since Colton isn’t here yet, let’s go.” They both gol to the restaurant, and Leah
asked the servers for the menu Darsle sat in her seat with her drink, then Leah turned to her. “Daisie,
are you alright with spicy fool?”

At the same moment, Nollace, who was walking past on the first floor, heard ‘Daisie’, stopped inliis
tracks, and looked downstairs.

Leah walked past Disic with ihr menu and blocked her.

Nollace stopped there for a while until Edison askad, “What is it, sir?”

He looked back with dull cyes and walked away. “Nothing”

Edison stopped the car in front of him and got down to open the door for hum.

Nollace sat in the car wille looking out in deep though His instincts told him that he had forgotten
someone Someone who reined to be important to him

He dreamed of a blurry face, lady, but he couldn’t remember when he woke up

When Colton found out that Daisie and Leah were at the restaurant, he immediately went back Hind
saw them enjoying themselves from alar He crowned before walldng over quickly and stoppug at their
lable “Why did you pick this place?

of all places

Daisie was started as she didn’t understand. “Why can’t we?”

Leahjoined in “Yeah, the food here is nice, so we came here”

Colion squinted “Dk you bump into anyone?” Daisie clined on the fork And frowned “Who?”

“Guess not if she did, she wouldn’t be so calmi.”

Coltani relaxed “Forget about it

When they returned hoine, Colton told Waylon about what had happened

Waylon close his book and look

up, “He doesn’t remember you anymore?”

“Yes” Colton shrugged “I thought he was pretending, but it seems to be true,”

Wavloni put his lund on his chin bul didn’t speak.

He hadn’t met Nollace and had only heard his sibling mention him When someone at Tits prty in
Yaramoor introduced him in the eldest grandson of the Knowles, he linally learned that he was the
person hus siblings were along about They had not spoken at the party, and lie hadn’t stayed here for

I woulin’t have learned wtu lapped if Yorick hadn’t said that Nollice had lost his


Waylon put down his book and got up. “Since he’s here, I’ll go see him.”

“You want to see him?”

Yes.” Waylon patted Colton’s shoulder. “It’s best not to underestimate him. If his men could find out that
you were in Bassburgh, it means that he isn’t too incompetent compared to us.”

Colton smiled. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, since the Victoria Business College had broken their
rule to take him in, he was outstanding

The room door suddenly opened, and they both looked toward the door and saw Daisie standing there

“Who were you talking about?” Daisie looked at them in surprise. “Nollace Knowles?”

She had noticed that Colton was acting funny and mysterious about who he went to see He wouldn’t
even tell her when she asked.

When she decided to ask Waylon about it, she overheard thein, and it was about Nollace Colton
rubbed his forehead because his head ached Why did she have to overhear them!

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