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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1568

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Chapter 1568

“Colton, you met Nollace today, right?’ Daisie asked again. That was why he had asked her at the
restaurant if she had bumped into someone. Colton took a deep breath and crossed his arms, looking
annoyed. “I did go see him. He doesn’t remember us anymore.” Daisie paused, then looked down and
was quiet. ‘Did something happen to Nollace?’ She always thought that he Waylon walked toward her,
“Daisie, Nollace no longer remembers you and Collon. We hid it from you because we didn’t want you
to be upset.”

Daisie kept her head low. “I know.”

They were worried that Daisie would react badly after finding out about Nollace, but she was
surprisingly calm. “Daisie, what do you think?”

She was startled. “What do you mean?”

Waylon calmly said, “About Nollace.”

What Nollace had told her had affected her deeply, as bad as how Lisa hac. Daisie was nalve and
trusting They were afraid that she would repeat her mistake after finding: out about Nollace

Daisie pressed her lips together and firmly said after a long pause, “Waylon, I know what you’re worried
about. Don’t worry, I won’t go and see him.”

Waylon palted her head. “Alright, I believe you.”

Alle hotel suite

Edison walked into the rooin with some documents and saw that Nollace was going through a Mazine
on the couch

The young man had a handsome but sad face. The soft light from outside the window shone on his
face, and the lines of his face were clearly shown Llison walked to him and looked down. “I’ve found
out that that was the second child of Mr Goldininn

Nollare lookud up “Goldmann “Yes, he’s Mi Goldriann’s son Therr are two boys and a girl.”

Mr Gomarin

Nollare feinamed his uncleibeniluning Nolar, lle was the son of lus aunt

Soul Mused away before he wanlom, but he had heard his father twention that before

Nollace placed the magazine on the table, “Leave the information you’ve collected here.”

Edison placed the files down and left the room.

Nollace picked up the three files. The first two were about Waylon and Colton-they looked identical.

When he was going to view the third file, his phone rang.

It was his uncle, Tristan.

He put the file down and picked it up. Tristan said something, and Nollace replied, “Don’t worry, I’m fine
in Bassburgh.” Tristan asked if he had met the hacker, and Nollace squinted, guessing that Edison had
told him.

He didn’t hide it. “Yes, I did.” “Did he do anything?” Nollace said nonchalantly, “We just had a chat.”
“Alright then, I’ll be visiting the Goldmanns in a few days. You should” Before Tristan could finish,
Nollace asked, “Can I go with you?” Trusted was surprised, and there was a long pause from his end of
the call. “Wait for me to get there then.”

Nollace siniled, looking cool. “Thank you, Uncle Tristan.”

After hanging up, Tristan realized he didn’t understand his nephew very well. ‘Did he remember
something, or are there other reasons?’ Alas, it wasn’t possible to know

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