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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1569

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Chapter 1569

Even though Nollace was young, he was hard to read, even for his father. After two days, the three
teenagers looked shocked when they found out that Nollace and Tristan were visiting together.

Colton wasn’t happy about it. “How could that prick be shameless enough to come over?” Waylon
quietly looked at Daisie, who had her licad hung low, deep in thought. Nicholas placed down his teacup
and said, “Colton, the Knowles are our guests. Calling him a prick is impolite.”

Colton crossed his arms. “I just don’t like the Knowles”

Nicholas ignored him and looked toward Nolan. “When are they coming?”

Nolan checked his walch. “They should be here soon.” Nicholas nodded, “Let’s get ready then.”

Colton got up and went upstairs while Waylon stayed there. “Grandpa, I can welcome them with Dad
since I haven’t officially met the young heir of the Knowles.”

Nicholas smiled. “You’re acting more and more like a big brother.”

The teenager had studied overseas for years and had seen the world while staying by Titus” side He
had been exposed to various situations. That was why Titus had chosen him

He was mature and could take the task of being the eldest brother

Thc helpers were busy getting ready for the guests, and Tristan’s car stopped in their driveway at 10:00

The butler came over to greet them Tristan got out of the car, and the teenager who followed after was
so handsome he caught everyone’s attention

Froin what they saw, Waylon and Colton were extremely attractive, and even when they crew up, they
were still outstanding

But this young heir of the Knowles was on a different level. He looked like he walked out of a painting
absolutely newless.

Waylon stood next to Nicholas and walked out of the mansion along with Nolan Tristan walked forward
with Nollare “Mr Goldinanin Sr”

Nicholas smiled as his eyes lell on Nollace “This must be young Mr Knowles”

Nolluce nuddel “It’s nice to meel you”

Tins is my eldeut randon, Wayne My other grandchildren lised to be your classmates Waylon and led
“I’ve heard a lot about yoll” Nov paitsedmd lonton into Waylon’u pye The brother kuk almost all-ut there
were slight differents

The elder brother was polite but had sharp eyes, just like him. They both had tricks up their sleeves
and wouldn’t simply show their emotions.

He seemed to be harder to deal with compared with his younger brother. Nicholas said with a smile,
“Alright, let’s speak inside.”

They all walked into the mansion

Nollace realized that this place looked very familiar as if he had been there before.

Waylon quietly observed him, deep in thought.

In the backyard Daisie had built a little wooden kennel (or Goldbar. Goldbar had been having great food
since it was brought home and had gained quite a bit of weight.

She put out her hand and rubbed its brown hair. “I’m jealous of you (or having no problems People do
get inore problems as we grow older.”

The dog didn’t understand her, but she felt better.

Goldbar enjoyed her petting and turned its belly upward for some belly rubs, Daisie chuckled, “You’re
so playful.”

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