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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1566

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Chapter 1566

Daisie didn’t understand why Colton wanted to tag along. It was probably because he was worried.
“Where are we going?” “Let’s go to see a musical.” “Musicals are boring.” Musicals were a personal
preference, and Daisie didn’t like them. Leah tapped her shoulder. “Go with me, please?”

Daisie didn’t reject her.

Colton suddenly took a look at his phone and said, “You go ahead. I’ll meet up with you later.”

He hadn’t only left home to follow Daisie around. She would probably be safe with Leah.

Daisie wanted to ask something, but Leah held her arm. “Don’t worry, Coleman. I’ll take good care of
your sister.”

Colton left hurriedly Daisie turned around to look at him and felt he was rushing to meet someone.

He walked to the garage alone until a black car slowly rolled up next to him, and the back window was
slowly lowered.

The man was surprised that he showed up so quickly, but before Colton could speak, he asked, “You’re
the one who wants to meet our young master?”

Colton smiled. “Did Nollace send you?” Edison Davis confirmed and said, “He’s waiting for you.” Colton
opened the door and hopped in.

Soon, the car was parked outside a restaurant.

Edison led Colton to a private room, and a young man was sitting inside. He hadn’t changed much, so
it was easy to recognize him. Nollace looked straight at the young man who walked in and slightly

frowned. The young man looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

He asked Edison to wait outside, and when he did, Nollace asked, “Do you know me?”

“It’s more than knowing,” Colton pulled out a chair, sat down, and flashed a wide grin. “I guess you
really did lose your memory.” Nollace frowned but didn’t speak. Colton put his chin on his hand. “I don’t
know why you would come all the way to Bassburgh Are you looking for a reunion?” “You seem to have
an opinion about me.” Nollace could feel that the young man didn’t have a good impression of him. He

remember his past, and this person who was around his age felt really familiar. They knew each other,
but he couldn’t remember. He had to find out what their relationship was.

Colton shrugged. “Because I don’t like you.” Nollace narrowed his eyes, “Why?” “Figure it out.” Colton
smiled, “It’s alright if you can’t remember because it doesn’t matter. All you have to know is that you
have lied to someone you shouldn’t have.”


“When you were in danger, who tried their best to save you, yet all you said was that you never treated
them as a friend and forgot all about it?”

Colton looked annoyed. “You should have stayed in Yaramoor. There’s no need for you to show up
here, just in case they see you.” Nollace was shocked but recovered quickly. He had no memory, but
when Colton said that, it sounded familiar as if it had really happened.

After a long pause, he asked, “Tell me, who was it?”

Colton crossed his arms. “You don’t need to know.”

Meanwhile, Daisie, who had gone to watch the musical with Leah, walked out of the theatre after two
hours, yet Colton was still nowhere to be seen.

Leah went to get some drinks and handed her a cup. “I’m hungry and know a shop with nice chicken
chops. Do you want to try it?”

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