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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1571

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Chapter 1571

“Wait.” Nollace turned his head around to call her. There was no emotion in his voice as he said, “Since
we don’t know each other, I don’t think I’ve offended you before.”

He had no idea why, but he did not like her attitude either.

Daisie turned around sideways and looked at his face. “Go back and think about it yourself. After all….”

She paused for a few seconds before the words slowly tumbled out of her lips, “I just don’t like you.”

Waylon and Colton were worried about Daisie, so they followed her to the backyard. But upon seeing
this scene, they knew their worries were uncalled for.

Daisie was naive and prone to trust people, but it was only applied to those who were not in a bad
relationship with her.

There was one thing about her that was similar to their mother, they would not forget those bad things
that other people had done to them.

Daisie would never forget those hurtful words Nollace had thrown at her even though he himself did not
remember them.

She still couldn’t forgive him. She couldn’t forgive this friend of hers who had deceived” her before.

“Forget about it. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” Daisie hurriedly walked past him.

Nollace did not say anything. He just looked at hier sigure that was slowly disappearing in his vision
and fell into thought.

As evening approached, Nicholas ordered a table of good dishes to be prepared to entertain his
distinguished guests. Maisle and Nolan also did the honors and talked to Tdstan. Whille the adults
were talking, the kids were eating and rarely spoke to each other.

Daisie was situng between Waylon and Colton, while Nollace sat opposite them

She raised her head, and when she met his glance, she hurriedly lowered her head back again She
kept poking at a plece of meat on her plate with her fork as if she was holding a grudge Apianist It

Suddenly, Nicholas exclaimed, “The Victoria Business College has accepted Nollace?”

Tristan nodded aru smiled “Yes They promise to kecp a spot for Nollace so that he can attend wther le
traches the age of 15”

Collon lifted his cyelids and sald, *Victoria Bustness College So? My brother and I can enter u wel w
wanl to”

Nicholas let out a hearty much and uld, “You two sure have a lot of confidence in yourselves” T’Tindan
xilled oul wall, “Well, chwy are a lot like Nola Notun chinelin matter of facity “Thiey have the capabilities
to back thensives up so o

course, they don’t need to be modest.” Modesty was a traditional virtue and an attitude. Most people
insisted on keeping a low profile

and being euphemistic and liumble, which was true. Some people thought it was arrogant for someone
to show too much of their abilities and talents.

However, he did not think it was right. He preferred his children to be able to stand up to challenges. If
they thought they could do something, they should go straight for it and value efficiency over
euphemism. For example, Colton had a lot of confidence in himself. Although he might get over his

head sometimes, he would get back up on his feet and get stronger with every setback. He also knew
that Nollace had dethroned Colton and gotten first place in the class back then.

However, Colton had not gotten discouraged. Instead, he had made it his goal to surpass Nollace.
Therefore, he had never once criticized him for his confidence.

This was because he had faith in his own son.

Talented people wanted other people to look at them, and those who were capable hoped that others
would see their talents and ability as well. Working hard to get ahead and strive to achieve recognition
from others was not considered arrogant. As long as one could stick to themselves, lead a fulfilling life,
and not feel ashamed of themselves, they did not have lo care about how other people looked at them.

After the dinner, Nicholas asked the maid to get two rooms for Tristan and Nollace.

Tristan did not reject his kindness and decided to stay for one night When Dalsle went upstairs to her
room, she ran into Nollace in the corridor

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