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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1575

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Chapter 1575

The breeze was cold as it blew through the walkway, coiling the girl’s hair with the boy’s collar together,
just like the invisible treat of fate that had long bound the two to each other

Daisie suddenly went closer to him and said, “Go and figure it out yourself. Blergh!”

She made a sunny face at him and ran away.

Nollace couldn’t help but chuckle.

In fact, even he himself did not know why he wanted to be close to her. Perhaps it was because he felt
relaxed when she was with him.

In the evening, Tristan was having dinner at a club with a friend of his who was doing business in
Bassburgh. His friend filled his glass and asked with a smile, “Did you come to Bassburgh with Young
Mr Knowles?

Tristan nodded. He listed the glass and replied, “I brought him back so he can learn more about things
that happen in another country.”

In fact, he did not want to say that he had brought him to help him get his memory back

His friend chucked. “I’m sure Young Mr Knowles can learn about things that happen in another country
in his own country Kids nowadays are getting better and better. Some of them are even better than us.”

Tristan smiled. “You’re right.”

“I heard that he has started to take over the knowles. I’m afraid it won’t take long before he becomes an
outstanding young man.” He looked at Tristan and continued. “At that time, it would be the rising of the


Tristan smiled but did not say anything

The waitress who came in with the drinks carefully placed the wine on the table. When she heard the
name “Knowles,” her hand accidentally knocked over the glass on the table, and the wine spilled over
the table.

The waiter stood there nervously, not knowing what to do

Tristan’s friend looked at her gloomily and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

She slowly lifted her head but did not dare to look at them. “I’m sorry about that.”

He froze when he saw how youthful her face was. Even though she was wearing makeup, it did not go
well with her face “How old are you? Are you an adult?”

The supervisor of the club rushed over when he heard the commotion. When he saw the broken glass
on the floor, he glared at Lisa before turning his head around and saying ingratiatingly. “I’m sorry She’s
new here, so she hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet to show our apology. I’ll give you another bottle of
wine for free.”

The man sitting beside Tristan asked, “You guys hire underage here?”

The supervisor’s expression changed, but he retained the smile on his face as he explained,”

She isn’t underaged. She just turned 18. She has a petite figure, so everyone thinks that she’s
underage” Even if she was underage, he could not admit it. Once it was found out, it would bring
trouble to the club

Tristan waved his hand. “Alright. You can go out now.” Since they were not going to press the matter,
the supervisor smiled and nodded. “Thank you for your understanding. I’ll get someone to bring you a
new bottle of wine now.”

He led Lisa away from the private room. When they arrived at the staff restroom, the supervisor
reprimanded her sternly, “You’d better be careful. Don’t be so clumsy anymore. I hired you because of
Ivanka. If there’s another time, you’ll be fired.”

Lisa bit her lips in aggravation and lowered her head. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

The supervisor turned around and went back to his workstation.

Liza turned her head to look at herself in the mirror and bit her lips tightly. She was wearing a waitress
uniform. After being expelled from the school, no school dared to accept her. She had just done one
thing wrong and was robbed of the opportunity to go to school. It was because they were powerful and
influential people, and she had no background. She detested this unfair world! Suddenly, she
remembered the things she had heard in the private room. Only now did she find out that Nollace was
the descendant of the Knowles in Yaramoor. Back then, she, Daisie, Colton, and Nollace had been
studying in the same class. However, she did not know about Nollace’s identity. She had been under
the impression he was just a Transfer student with good grades

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