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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1572

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Chapter 1572

Nollace was standing in front of the wall, gazing at a painting. The painting was called “Fallen Angels,”
and it was a gift Violet had given Daisie when she returned from Octavia. She did not know why he was
looking at the painting. She did not know what he was doing in front of the painting, but she was not
interested to know about it. She pretended she did not see him and walked past him.

Suddenly, Nollace opened his mouth and said, “What an interesting painting,”

She stopped in her tracks and looked at him in astonishment. She tumed to look at the painting again,
and honestly, she did not care so much about the symbolism of the painting She just felt that it was a
good painting. However, his words had successfully piqued her curiosity. “What else did you see from
the painting?”

Nollace fixed his gaze on the painting and said indifferently, “At first glance, we only see the world
saving the angels who have fallen to earth and lost their wings, but after taking a longer look, you will
find that it’s the world that binds the angels.”

Daisie turned her head around and looked at the painting. It was just that no matter how she looked at
the painting, it looked like the world was trying to send the angels back to heaven. She turned to look at
him and asked, “What makes you think so?”

Nollace turned his head sideways and met her confused gaze. Her gaze was pure and clean. It was
something that couldn’t be found in people with complicated minds. She was so pure, like a white sheet
of paper. He did not know why but had the urge to destroy the purity “Hello? Anybody there? I’ın
askdng you a question, but why are you looking at me like that?” Daisie averted her gaze “Could it be
that he’s laughing at me for my inability to appreciate art?’ Sornething flitted across Nollace’s eyes as
he averted his gaze “Are you sure they’re reaching 1)Le hands out to uve the angels? They could also
be trying to drag the angels down to earth

The digels are wingless Their hands and feet arr chained by the people, and they have lost their freuon
Angels reprektil salvation and goodness, but when the goodness of angels breroma thar that people us
to bind them, then the angels have lost the meaning of Mimi sice

Alle Infortabied w

alang, lipturned lila lead to look of the dumblounded Dalsle

“There two symbole in this painting. The first ineuning is the one you all see, and the

und nimetime is Uw we will ruirannt whimn roounou, becommanhuar der that binds Freuduto You
understand now

wirl trust the world at the painting agai, aw this time, wir was able to Wudden de thuollon taking about


Her eyes glowed, and she said, “You’re so awesome. How can you even see that?”

As soon as the words escaped her lips, she hurriedly covered her mouth How could I compliment

After that, she said, “I’m not complimenting you. I admit that you’re smart, but for me, Calinn and
Waylon are smarter than you.”

Nollace looked at her and said, “Your brothers are indeed smart.” “Of course “Daisie crossed her arms
in front of her chest. “Colton and Waylon are very smart. Although they-”

Daisie ”

Colton’s voice rang oul and interrupted her. If he did not show up right now, he was certain that she
was going to sell both of them out.

She was stunned, “Colton?”

“It seems like you’re having a lot of sun lalking to him.” Colton’s expression was dark

Did this stupid girl get tricked again by his sweet words?’ “.. I’not having fun!” She went toward him and
continued. “I’m going back to my room!” She entered her room and closed the door, leaving Collon and
Nollace to stare at each other in the corridor.

Frowning, Colton said, “I warn you. Stay away from my sister.” Nollace smiled and said, “It’s her own
freedom to do what she wants. Even though you’re her brother, don’t you think you’ve crossed the

Colton look a step forward and grabbed him by his collar. “Nollace, if you lost your memories, then I
suggest you stay that way. Stop trying to pull any funny tricks on her.”

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