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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1577

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Chapter 1577

Colton was also at a loss for words.

‘Il’s no wonder Grandpa would make such arrangements for us. So, this was his plan all this


Nolan had seen through his father’s thoughts long ago, so he narrowed his eyes slightly.” Isn’t this a
little inappropriate?”

‘He’s planning to let Daisje spend more time with that kid? I can’t agree with that!’ “How is it
inappropriate?” Nicholas glared at him and ate his breakfast slowly. “After all, they were once
classmates, so how is it inappropriate for Daisie to help Nollace recover his memory?

“They’re just kids. What do you think can happen while they’re out?” It was Nolan’s turn to be rendered

“What Dad said is true There’s no way that I can resute that. ‘Indeed, the two of them are just kids. But
at this age, plenty of kids have started to get into their puppy love

“If Daisie were to fall in love with that kid, wouldn’t all the precautions that I’ve taken all this while be
flushed down the drain by her grandfather?

Nolan calmed down and turned to look at her. “Daisie, what do you think?

It was obvious that he was hoping she would refuse.

Daisie felt pressured when she saw her two brothers and father staring at her

She did not know what to do.

“Are you boys looking for a beating? You can pamper her, but you’re overdoing it now.” Maisie
slammed her fork against the dining table and reprimanded them, “As long as they know where to draw
the line, Daisie can do whatever she wants. She’s grown up and has to learn to distinguish and handle
things by hersell.

“It’s not up to you to supervise her when she’s doing everything. You may think you’re protecting her
now, but will she grow up into a useful woman if she is kept under your protection all this while?”

‘If Daisie is allowed to only live according to their wishes and plans, she’ll never be able to face the
world by herself in the future

‘All she will think about when encountering difficulties will be her brothers and father Even when it’s
time to decide on something, she won’t choose something according to what she truly wants deep
downı. Her decision will on be made based on her brothers and father’s wishes

‘If she’s raised exactly as they wish, she won’t grow up into a human but a puppet instead.’ Nolan shut
up immediately, lowered his head, and ate his breakfast.

My wife is pissed now I mustn’t utter another word. I don’t want to sleep on the couch


As for Waylon and Colton, they did not dare to say a single word. They were usually very brazen kids,
but keeping things to themselves while their mother was furious was the key to survival

Nicholas shook his head.

“Since ancient times, the mother is usually the loving one while the father is the strict one in a lamily,
but when it comes to the Goldmanns, everything is the other way around. “Thank God I saw the

willpower in Maisie back then. Otherwise, which woman in the world would have the ability to hold back
Nolan and the kids?

At noon, Daisie went out with Nollace, and Edison was in charge of driving them out.

Nollace looked out the window and observed the hustle and bustle of the streets. “Is there any fun
place to go in Bassburgh?”

Daisie crossed her arms. “The Amorous Foodie Street.”

He retracted his gaze and stared at her suspiciously “Do you come oul only for the food?” “Why would I
come out if it’s not for the food? It’s so tiring to go shopping. If you don’t want to go there, I’ll go there
by mysell.”

‘In fact, I’ve long wanted to come out, especially today. It’s the Bassburgh Food Festival. If Waylon and
Colton were to have come out with me, they would never agree to let me eat those thungs

“But I won’t have to think about all that when I’ın out with Nollace

Nollace fell silent for a while and then said to Edison, “Bring us to the Amorous Foodie Street

The Bassburgh Food Festival was crowded with people, the shops on the left and right sides of the
streets were all selling various kinds of food, and the food trucks and stalls went on and on down the

Daisie fought her way through the crowd, skittered around, and bought everything she saw and thought
was delicious

Nollace followed her closely. He had lost his appetite when he saw the food that was placed outside

His eyes were fixed on Daisie’s bright and content face-these ordinary foods could actually make her
so happy She lured around abruptly and rammed into his arms “Ouch!” Daisie yelled and rubbed her
nose “Why are you standing behind me without making any noise

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