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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1579

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Chapter 1579

Colton and Waylon exchanged gazes and said in unison. “Okay, Mom.”

After a week, Dalsie’s period had come to an end.

The sun was shining bright and warm. She stood in the courtyard and did some stretching, and when
she turned around, she saw Leah and Zephir standing outside the gate.

Leah waved at her.

Daisie came to the gate and looked at them in surprise. “Leah, Zephir, why are you here?” Leah
showed her the tickets that she had bought on her cell phone. “We’re going to watch a movie The
theater has a new movie, and I’ve bought three tickets in advance.”

Daisie did not want to go to the movies at first, but Leah had bought the tickets in advance, and she
and Zephir had come to her doorsteps to invite her in person. It would be rude if she were to refuse to
go with them.

She was about to agree when Colton’s voice came from behind. “Count me in too.”

Leah gave off a fake chuckle. “Coleman, is it fun to follow your sister around all the time?”

“I purposely bought three tickets and invited Daisie only to help Zephir out.

‘Even a blind person can see that Zephir has a thing for Daisie. However, her brothers are like
watchdogs Whoever approaches their sister will surely die under their jaws’

The corners of Colton’s lips twitched slightly as he crossed his arms. “Am I not welcomed?

Leah gnashed her teeth

Zephir gave off a faint smile “Of course not. Come with us then.”

“Count me in too.” Nollace’s appearance surprised everyone

Leah and Zephir had never seen him before “Daisie, who is…”

Before Daisie could answer the question, Colton answered calmly. “This is, of course, the young
master of the knowles, Nollace Knowles.”

Leah did not know who he was, but it was impossible for Zephir not to know about him.

Violet would have definitely told him about Nollace

Zephir looked at Daisie subconsciously as soon as he heard the name, but his gaze did not stay on her
for too long “It turns out to be the young master of the Knowles.”

Nolace squinted and looked indifferent. “Do you know me?”

He did not want to come at first. It was just that, seeing that Daisie was about to join them for some fun
from afar, he could not help but want to come over

Zephur nodded “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Nollace’s gaze clashed with that of his, but he did not utter a single word.

Eventually, the five of them went to the theater together

Leah’s face looked extremely gloomy The two extra people had ruined the plan that she had come up

Originally, she had arranged for Daisie to sit right next to Zephir, but now, Colton had become the one
who sal right next to Zephir, while Daisie was seated in between Colton and Nollace

After the movie, the five of them came out of the theater.

Daisie walked up to Leal and whispered, “Sorry, Leah, I didn’t know that they would tag along” Leah
smiled and claimed, “It’s fine by me. There’s always tomorrow.” After hearing it, Colton chuckled,
“You’re so persistent, Leah.”

“Nothing in her mind can escape my eyes.

“Zephir is quite an opportunist. He really knows how to take advantage of Leah’s friendship to approach

Leah glared at him. “Thank you for your compliment.”

Zephir did not say anything from the beginning to the end. And when they arrived at the entrance of a
cafe, he asked Daisie in a soft voice, “Do you want something to drink?”

Daisle smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

It just so happened that she was thirsty.

However, she did not notice the subtle and delicate change in Colton and Nollace’s expressions

These two boys would only put up a united front when it came to this matter

Zephir took Daisie and Leah into the cafe, and Colton followed them immediately

Nollace stood in place and looked at the figures who were standing in the cafe. His intuition told him
that the boy named Zephir seemed to be interested in Daisie

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