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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1578

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Chapter 1578

Nollace’s expression didn’t change “Then why would you turn around all of a sudden?”

Daisie choked on her own words, walked around him, and passed by him

Daisie held the bucket of skewers in one hand and ate them with the other while walking dowti the
streel, while Nollace followed her and did not buy or eat any food.

She stopped and handed him one of the skewers in her hand, “Here you go.”

“I’m not going to eat that.”

“Olay, then forget about it.”

“I don’t want to share there with him either.”

However, before she could finish eating all the skewers, she started to feel unwell in her lower
abdomen, and the pain was borderline unbearable

Nollace noticed something and supported her “What’s wrong with you?”

“L. I’m not feeling too well.”

Nollace frowned and said stemly. “These things are insanitary, and yet you’ve eaten so much of them.
You deserve this.”

Daisie wanted to refute him, but she was completely speechless She squatted down while covering her
abdomen, suffering big time

Nollace picked her up “I’ll take you to the hospital”

He carried her. dashed back to the car and instructed Edison to drive them to the hospital

Seeing Daisie’s face getting paler, Nollace was genuinely worried for the first time “Daisie, You better
don’t die on me”

Edison parked the car at the entrance of the hospital.

He got out of the car and wanted to take Daisie from Nollace but got rejected. Edison looked at
Nollace, who went straight into the hospital with Daisie in his arms, and fell a little surprised

“The young master has never been so nervous before

The doctor ran a few tests and then asked the nurse to take over. The nurse walked up to the hospital
bed and asked with a smile, “Young lady, how old are you?”

Daisie was lying on her side, with her hands on her lower abdomen “I’m 14.”

Alter answering the question, she asked in a daze, “Do I have any terminal illness?”

The nurse laughed out loud and explained patiently. “This isn’t a terminal disease This is a girl’s period
You’ll undergo this period once every month after you’ve reached a certain age and are mature

A period?”

Daisie look a deep breath. It was not that she had never aftended a biology class So, of course, she
liew exactly what it was “So Is my shark week bere already?”

The nurse enlightened her patiently. “Yes, in fact, don’t be afraid. This is your very first period That’s
why you’re feeling slight discomfort. And remember, when you’re on your period, don’t consume too
much spicy and cold food or beverages.” Daisie buried her face into the pillow. “Okay.”

Someone please kill me! This is so embarrassing

‘Who knew that my Aunt Flo would knock on my door at this time!?’

After the nurse left, Nollace walked into the ward. Daisie covered her face with the blanket and did not
even dare to look at himn.

He stopped by the bed, and after learning what was going on, he felt a little embarrassed too.” I’ll take
you back”

She showed her eyes from under the blanket and nodded.

When she got home, Daisie went back to her room to rest. She did not dare to move too much because
she was afraid of her blood overflowing. She even refused to go downstairs for dinner and asked the
servants to bring the food up for her

Maisie noticed Daisie’s strangeness and went to her room. “Daisie?”

Daisie leaned on the head of the bed with a distressed expression. “Mom, why would my period be so

Maisie was startled and then burst into laughter. “My Daisie has finally grown up.”

Maisie stretched out her hand and stroked the top of Daisie’s head, “You’re undergoing your first
period, the discomfort will only go on for a few days, and it’s not as serious as you think it is so, don’t lie
down and sit all day. You should move around just like when things are normal, okay?”

Daisie nodded obediently. When Maisie walked out of the room, she caught the two brothers
eavesdropping outside the door

Colton scratched his head in embarrassment. “Waylon and I thought Daisie was sick. That’s

wtiy we !

“Your sister is on her period. She is a big girl now. You brothers mustn’t treat her like a baby sister

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