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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586

Marriage between affluent families was very common and usually happened because their families
were compatible in influence. However, even if Daisie and Nollace knew each other but didn’t grow up
together, it was acceptable.

The helpers were discussing. Daisie didn’t hear because she was twirling her pen. Even though she
looked like she was listening to Nollace’s explanation, she had actually zoned out.

Nollace tilted his head, looked at her, and noticed that she wasn’t paying attention, so he tapped her
head with a pen. “Focus.”

She rubbed the top of her head. “Why did you do that?” “If you don’t focus, I won’t continue tutoring.”
He seemed to be threatening her.

She pouted and scratched her head. “Can I ask you something?”

Daisie was the type that couldn’t keep things in and wouldn’t be able to focus, especially when there
was something that she just had to ask.

Nollace could guess what she was going to ask, “Go ahead.”

“Um…” Daisie frowned. “How did you get Lisa’s phone number?”

He was right, so he lazily rested the side of his head on his hand. “Oh, that’s your question? I went to
see her today.”

Daisie fell silent.

Lisa and Nollace used to be schoolmates, so it would be normal for them to know each other, but
Nollace had lost his memories.

He remembered Lisa but not herself.

Nollace probed. “She told me that she’s your friend.”

Daisie paused, then looked down in silence.

She and Lisa used to be friends, but that was just what she thought.

Lisa might have never thought of her as a friend and even treated her as a joke behind her back, but
she was so nice to her.

She was just treating her the wrong way.

Daisie believed that friends should share things, but she was the only one giving, and after Lisa got
presents from her, it flued her love for superficial things.

Daisie pressed her lips together. “Did she say that?”

Nollace nodded and looked away. “So I was curious.”

“Forget it. You won’t understand.” Daisie didn’t want to talk about her bad past. All she could say was
that she had never mistreated Lisa Nollace stared at her profte. He wasn’t questioning her. He just
wanted to know how she

thought. No matter how they were, there was no need to talk behind their backs. Lisa was very different
from Daisie when it came to this. That was why he didn’t trust Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa went to see
Ivanka, who managed the underground business. When Ivanka had agreed to help her punish her
brother Evan, it was the first time she felt the power to order people around. She even made the way

Ivanka was able to do whatever she wanted her life goal. She had money and could order people
around. There was nothing that couldn’t be done if she wanted to

Ivanka lit up a cigarette and glared at Lisa. “You wretched girl, you need to know when to stop. I’ve
helped you find a job, and now you want to order my men around?”

Lisa immediately explained, “Ivanka, I’m not trying to order your men around. I just want to borrow

“There’s no difference.” She flicked the ash away and squinted. “You’re so young yet so ambitious,
trying to use me to execute your plan.” At that point, Ivanka stopped smiling. “You should know that I’ll
be held responsible if something happens.” “That won’t happen.” Lisa looked sincere. “If it works, I’ll be
able to bring you big rewards.”

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