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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1589

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Chapter 1589 “That’s not what I meant.”

Daisie didn’t understand. Nollace approached her. “You knew who she was but didn’t call her out.
Daisie, even if you lied and denied that she was a schoolmate, my uncle would be careful of her too.”

Had Lisa saved Tristan’s life by coincidence, or was it planned? Tristan trusted her now. Daisie’s lips
parted. “But she saved him—” “Do you think it was a coincidence?”

“What else could it be?”

Nollace took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose after a long pause. “I finally know why
your two brothers are so worried about you.” She looked at him, not understanding. “There’s a
difference between being kind and being dumb.” Nollace walked past her.” Especially for a protected
girl like you, it’s normal that you’ve never seen how cruel people can be.”

Daisie turned and yelled, “Nollace Knowles, you just called me dumb!” Nollace walked into the elevator
without looking back.

Daisie walked out of the hospital’s main doors and was angry yet sad upon thinking about what Nollace
had said. But what did Nollace mean about Lisa? Saying that she knew what kind of person Lisa was.

Hadn’t he lost his memory?

How did he know what had happened between Lisa and her?


Daisie paused but didn’t look back She knew it was Lisa.

Lisa walked toward her and stopped next to her, “Daisie, I know that you still hate me. I was wrong and
too greedy. Even if we can no longer be friends, I hope to reconcile with you.”

Lisa knew Daisie’s personality. She believed that Daisie was just angry about what had happened in
the past and didn’t really want to cut her off. She believed that if she apologized, Daisie would agree to
reconcile. She remembered how Daisie would agree to everything she asked. Everyone thought that
she was taking advantage of Daisie, but in reality, Daisie wouldn’t leave her alone.

Lida was very confident that if her brothers didn’t get involved, she would be able to gain Daisie’s trust
again. “Lisa.” Daisie slowly turned to face her. “Do I really look dumb?”

Lisa paused, then smiled awkwardly. “Not at all…” “Since I’m not, why would I keep believing in what
you say?” Daisie looked down and stopped speaking Lisa held her hand. “Daisie, I’m sincere and know
I’ve made a mistake. Could you forgive me one more time?” Daisie looked at her hand and looked up
after a while. “Is your father sick?” It was hard for Lisa to hide her joy. She knew that Daisie was still
easy to manipulate. “Yes, he’s been sick for a while now.” She then added, “There must be some
misunderstanding with Nollace. Daisie, you’re the best. Could you help me explain to him? I’m sure he
will listen to you.” Daisie pretended to unintentionally pull her hand back and forced a smile, “Since
your father’s here, why don’t you bring me to him? I haven’t seen him in a while.” Lisa’s smile froze.
Daisie was curious. “What’s wrong?” “No… It’s just that my dad isn’t in his best mood, so it wouldn’t be
good. Another time?” She knew very well that her father wasn’t sick. She would be exposed if Daisie
insisted on visiting.

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