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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1592

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Chapter 1592

Lisa nodded as she clenched her cloth’s hem tightly. ‘It’s your family who ordered all the schools in
Bassburgh to reject my applications, and now you act like you care? Hah! What a hypocrite!

Daisie grabbed her hand and continued. “In this case, I need to see your dad and explain to him.”

Lisa’s expression changed, and she said nervously, “L… I don’t think there’s a need for that.”

She averted her gaze and added, “You don’t need to explain to my dad, Daisie.” “Why?” Daisie looked
at her intently and asked, “Do you want your dad to keep having a misunderstanding about me?”


Lisa bit her lips and did not say anything. “Lisa, you haven’t changed a bit. Even until now, you’re still
lying to me.” Daisie could not understand at all. If Lisa had admitted that her father was not sick and
she was lying, she might have given her another chance. After all, everyone deserved a second
chance. However, Lisa chose to keep lying to her. Lisa’s expression changed. “Daisie, what are you
talking about?” “I’ve been to your house.”

Lisa froze.

Daisie continued calmly. “I wanted to prove that what you said was true. But your neighbor told me that
your father wasn’t sick and that he could still go to work.”

Suddenly, Lisa flung Daisie’s hand away. “So you’re suspecting me? You’re willing to believe what the
neighbors say, and you don’t even believe me?” “But it’s true that you’re lying to me.” Lisa had
disappointed Daisie before, so the latter did not have much hope for her. Nollace was right. She was an
idiot. If not, she wouldn’t have believed everything Lisa told her in the past. However, she only believed
in herself right now.

Even though she did not see whether her father was physically ill with her own eyes, Lisa should not
have brushed her off if she wasn’t lying.

Lisa did not expect that Daisie would suspect her and that she would go to the extent of going to her
house to check if she was lying or not. After a short while of silence, she looked expressionlessly at
Daisie again. She grabbed Daisie’s arm and hissed through gritted teeth. “So you went ahead and
investigated me without my permission?

“Daisie, it’s all your fault that I can’t go to school!”

“What do you mean by it’s all my-”

Before Daisie could finish her sentence, Lisa took a step back and fell toward the corner of the wall.

Daisie wanted to grab her, but she was too late. Lisa fell to the floor, and her forehead krocked on the

Nicholas and the others came out of the private room, and all of them saw what had just happened.
“What are you two doing?” Lisa was sitting on the floor. Her eyes were red around the rims. The way
she held back the tears that were rolling in her eyes would melt people’s hearts, and the wound on her
forehead was obvious

What was even more coincidental was that Daisie’s arm had stopped in mid-air, and it looked as if she
was the one who had pushed her to the floor.

Before this moment, it never crossed Daisie’s mind that human nature could be so evil. “Grandpa, I
didn’t push her,” said Daisie. Lisa rose to her feet and bowed to them. She took all the responsibility on
herself and said, I’m sorry, this isn’t Daisie’s fault. I wasn’t paying attention when I was walking, and I’m

sure Daisie didn’t do it on purpose.” Daisie looked at her in surprise and said, “You fell down yourself,
and you’re pinning it on me?”

Lisa sobbed.

Daisie was naive and no match for Lisa at all. “Daisie.” Nicholas frowned and said sternly, “It seems like
we’ve spoiled you too much. You’ve learned to pass the bucket to someone else. If you’ve done
something wrong, you have to apologize.” “I didn’t push her down!” Daisie shouted with tears rolling in
her eyes. “Mr. Goldmann Sr., please don’t be mad at Daisie. She didn’t mean it.” The more Lisa helped
Daisie to explain, the more everyone felt that Daisie was being unreasonable

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