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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1600

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Chapter 1600

Lisa had finally persuaded Tristan to bring her to the banquet. She also thought that with so many
influential individuals present, the Goldmanns would not make things difficult for her to preserve their
reputation. She had come to the Knowles four years ago, thinking she could get into Yaramoor’s upper
social class with the power of the Knowles.

However, Nollace’s parents did not like her very much.

She had assumed that Tristan could persuade them to change their opinion about her, but Tristan told
her that Nollace was the one who would make all decisions in the Knowles.

She originally thought it was perfunctory. After all, Nollace was the same age as her, so how would he
have the authority and guts to order the family’s elders around?

But she was really wrong.

In the Knowles, even Tristan had to listen to him Even Nollace’s parents would not dare to force
Nollace into doing anything he did not want to do.

Nollace was only 14 years old back then. He did not only need to go to school but also ran a company.
All the servants in the Knowles mansion always treated him respectfully and addressed him as the
young master of the Knowles. She used to think that as long as she could lick Tristan’s boots long
enough and become his goddaughter, then she would be able to make Noļlace listen to her. It was not
until four years had passed that she realized how outrageous her original idea was. Had she known
that Nollace was the most powerful person in the Knowles, she would not have worked so hard on
getting Tristan’s trust. She believed she could get along well with Nollace and get him to change his
opinion about her, but it just so happened that Daisie got admitted to the Victoria College in the end.
With Daisie as an obstacle, Nollace could never change his attitude toward her.

Lisa bit her lip secretly.

‘It would be great if Daisie could just get lost.’ The atmosphere in the hall was very lively and
boisterous, and Daisie walked up to the stage and picked up the microphone. “It’s my birthday and my
coming-of-age ceremony today. I’m very grateful for everyone who’s here to join me. So, I sincerely
hope that everyone will have some fun tonight.” The celebrities and socialites in the audience cheered.

And it was time to dance.

The first dance of Daisie’s coming-of-age party was with her brother, Colton.

The two of them danced in the center of the crowd, and she was shining like a star under the

lights–they looked like the prince and princess of a fairy tale. After a dance, the lights in the hall
dimmed all of a sudden. Nobody knew why, but they thought it was all arranged. At that moment, a
silhouette approached Daisie. He stopped behind Daisie and extended his hand humbly and politely.
“Your Royal Highness Princess Goldmann, may I have the following dance?” Daisie was stunned and
slowly turned to look at the person standing behind her, who was wearing a Venetian mask

Despite the mask, it was not hard to recognize him.

“Nollace, you-”

“Shh.” Nollace did not wait for her to finish her sentence before he took the initiative to hold her hand,
placed the other hand on her waist, and approached her ear. “If I were to ask you for a dance in an
upright manner, your brother would definitely reject me on the spot, wouldn’t


Daisie chuckled. “So that’s why you put on a mask and dimmed the lights?”

Nollace looked down at her. “Smart.”

The lights at the scene came on again, and when Colton reacted to the sudden change, it was already
too late. The masked man looked uncannily like Nollace and had invited his sister to dance with him
while he was not paying attention, so Colton’s expression dimmed. “The light incident was probably his
idea.’ Xyla walked to Maisie’s side. “Your daughter and Young Master Knowles make quite a match,
don’t they?”

Maisie laughed. “Oh really?” “My husband told me that Nollace has a promising future and might sell
like hot cakes in the future From what I see, Daisie is having a major head start over any other young
lady out there.” Maiste shook her wine glass. “Don’t worry. Nobody can tell what will happen in the

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