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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1607

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Chapter 1607

Daisie’s heart was racing so fast that it nearly jumped out of her chest.

Nollace chuckled upon seeing how scared she was and stopped teasing her. After all, he couldn’t push
hier too hard, or she might run away.

He raised his hand to rub her hair and said, “Alright. Don’t you have classes? You should probably go
back to your class now.” Daisie pushed him away and fled.

Looking at her figure that was slowly disappearing into the hallway, Nollace wiped over the corner of his
lips with his singer. He had been waiting for her for too long, and no matter what happened, there was
no way she could escape from him.

Daisie couldn’t concentrate at all in her class. Keeping her head low, she looked at her hand that was
holding the pen. She could still feel Nollace’s warmth from the tip of her finger.

When Nollace was kissing her finger, his eyes looked like he was going to devour her whole, and
coupled with his charmingly good-looking face, not only did she not feel scared, but she also sell for
him even more.

She put her book up and leaned over the desk with a flush coloring her cheeks and ears.

For her, it was similar to a hit under the belt, and she did not know how long she could hold herself
before she completely surrendered to Nollace,

Meanwhile, at the Knowles mansion…

Nollace did not have classes, so he returned home early. As soon as he stepped into the living room,
he saw Lisa explaining something to Tristan. Tristan listed his head and put the newspaper down.

“Nollace, you’re early today.”

Nollace replied, “Yeah. I have something I need to take care of.”

When Lisa met Nollace’s freezing gaze, her blood turned cold, and she was petrified on the spol

Tristan did not press the matter on. He slowly got up from the chair and said, “I’ll be going to the
company now.” Lisa hastily asked, “Godfather, can… Can I come with you?”

She knew that Nollace bad come back for her. Without Tristan’s protection, she knew something bad
was going to happen to her

She did not want to get chased out of the knowles.

Frowning, Tristan asked, “Why do you want to come with me to the company?”

“L. I want to gain more experience. Besides, I want to find something to do.”

Tristan looked at Lisa He knew Lisa had been performing rather well in the Knowles for the past four
years, except for the incident that happened last night

Although he was not going to ask if Daisie had framed her, it was Lisa who had caused her to

get scolded by Nicholas four years ago. Thus, he felt it was reasonable that Daisie wanted t take her
revenge at the birthday party.

He was willing to turn a blind eye toward their fight as long as it wouldn’t affect the relationship between
the two families.

Besides, other than being the one who had saved his life and his goddaughter, Lisa was not related to
the knowles in the slightest bit.

Also, Nollace, his nephew, and niece-in-law did not like her very much. He would only put in good
words for her occasionally because he pitied her and that she was well-behaved. Otherwise, she would
have been thrown out of the knowles a long time ago.

“What do you think, Nollace?” asked Tristan.

Nollace was sitting on the couch, pouring himself a cup of tea. “Are you really sure about it, Uncle
Tristan? Our company is now in the process of expansion. We don’t have extra money to pay for
someone who can’t bring any profit to the company.

“Having a good education background is one thing, but if she lacks the capability, I won’t take her in
either. Besides, what if the staff learns that I hired her because she’s your goddaughter? Do you think
it’s fair for them?”

Tristan pondered over the things that Nollace said and felt he was right. There had been a significant
improvement in the knowles’ performance compared to the past, and it was true that they needed to
recruit more talented personnel and business elites. They did not even open their internship to the
public until today. I! Lisa really joined the company, she would need to start from scratch. The company
was in the process of expansion, and everyone was busy, so no one had the time to guide a newcomer

What’s more, Lisd was not an IT major either

After a long wule of contemplation, he said, “I’ll let you decide then.”

Alter Tristali went away, Lisa’s face sank She knew that Nollace was going to settle the score with her

She parted her lips alid explained, “Nolly, it wasn’t my fault for what happened today I didn’t expet Anna
to truders and my words, and I already tried ny best to stop her.”

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