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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1609

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Chapter 1609

The professors below the stage nodded in satisfaction when they saw how quickly and smoothly she
adjusted back to her normal standard.

This was something they would expect from a top achiever. Even if she made a mistake, she quickly
adjusted herself back to normal. Julianna, hiding in the dark, did not expect Daisie to continue dancing
despite her pain.

‘How did she do that? Does she not feel any pain at all?’

That being said, she was certain that Daisie’s marks would be deducted this time. After the music
ended, a round of applause erupted from the stage below, and Daisie fell down. The professors stood
up and asked, “What happened?” A student who was close to the stage saw what happened and
shouted, “Miss, there’s blood on her shoe!”

The professor rushed to the stage and took off her shoes to inspect them. Suddenly, she found
something and pulled out a tiny nail from the tip of each shoe.

The nail was drenched in blood.

Daisie took a sharp breath, but she did not get defeated. Instead, she smiled at the professor and said,
“Miss, I’m sorry. I’ve tried my best.”

The professor rose to her feet and said, “Bring Daisie to the infirmary!”

When Colton learned that Daisie was rushed to the infirmary during her performance, he went straight
to the infirmary.

When he saw both her toes wrapped in gauze, his face sank. “What the hell happened?”

The students who sent her to the infirmary told Colton everything, and he was so furious that his entire
body was shaking.

Daisie lifted her head and said, “Colton, I’m fine.” Colton said through his gritted teeth, “Shut up.” He
turned his head around to ask that female student. “Did you guys find out who put the nails in her

She shook her head, but she thought of something and said, “Oh yeah, before I came here, I heard
someone say that they saw Julianna going backstage. She isn’t from the Drama, Theater, and Film
department, so I don’t know who she came to see.”


Daisie soon learned who the culprit that had put the nails in her shoes was.

Colton let out a cold smirk, “Julianna, huh?”

Just when he turned around and was about to leave the infirmary, Nollace arrived with Julianna. He
grabbed her arm and pushed her into the room. “I’ve brought her here.”

Julianna lost her balance and fell to the floor. Then, she looked at them fearfully and asked, “W – What
do you want?”

Colton approached her and asked, “You’re the one who put nails in my sister’s shoes?”

“Yes, it’s me. I… I just wanted to teach her a lesson. Besides, I just wanted her to fail in her
performance. I wasn’t going to kill her or whatsoever. She framed Lisa and refused to apologize, so she
deserves this!”

Julianna did not deny what she had done. Since she had the guts to do it, she had the guts to admit it.

Colton grabbed her by her collar and snarled, “You weren’t going to kill her? You still want to kill her!?”

Julianna’s face turned pale. “I… I’m not as evil as she is!”

“Did Lisa tell you to do this?”

Julianna’s eyes went red around the rims as she shouted, “No! I did this myself! I just wanted to help
Lisa get her revenge. I didn’t do anything wrong!” She refused to submit to force and was loyal to her
friend. Besides, Daisie felt it was truly adınirable that she had the courage to take responsibility for
what she had done.

11 was just that she had befriended the wrong person.

Daisie looked at her sympathetically. After a short while of silence, she said, “Julianna, I’ll pielend this
never happened.”

julialia Was stunned

Colton rtleased her and took a deep breath He stood with his arms on his waist as he looked at Dalsi
“Dalsie, are you crazy?”

“Let’s move on from this, Colton. She was just saing up for her friend, and I think it’s a hobi t ag to do I
veryone will have a time when they don’t know what is right or what is Wirty At botix as slar dursa’t go
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