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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1611

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Chapter 1611

Nollace stopped and casually adjusted his sleeves. “Does what you just said count?” Colton walked
around and up to Nollace and met his gaze. “You people from the Knowles didn’t keep an eye on that
scourge Lisa. I’ll definitely come at you for what happened to Daisie sooner or later.”

Nollace frowned and said nothing.

The next day, Daisie went to the professor’s office and asked the professor to revoke Juliana’s

The professor looked at her in surprise. “But she has made a mistake. Are you sure you don’t want to
press on with the issue?”

“She’s apologized to me, so I hope to give her a chance to correct her mistake. I believe that she’ll
reflect on her own doings.”

Seeing that Daisie had made a decision, the professor also agreed to withdraw Juliana’s punishment.

Downstairs, Juliana rushed to the office and just so happened to run into Daisie when she was going

She snorted. “I shouldn’t have believed you.”

Daisie frowned. “What?”

She turned to look at Daisie and gnashed her teeth. “All you do is talk the talk, but in fact, all you wish
is that I will get expelled from college. Congratulations, you’ll be getting your wish granted soon.”

Looking at Juliana’s figure as she went upstairs , Daisie could not help but squint.

‘She concluded so quickly that she’ll be expelled from college? It seems that she has heard a lot from
someone else.’

When the professor summoned Juliana to the office, the latter had already prepared herself mentally to
be expelled from the college. That was because Lisa had told her that she was expelled from school
back then because of Daisie.

In addition to that, it just so happened that she had gotten summoned by the professor right after she
heard what Lisa said, so she believed her.

However, she was stunned when the professor only asked her to go back and write a self-reflection
essay. “Didn’t I get expelled?”

The professor asked, “Who told you that you’re going to be expelled from college?”

Juliana was stunned.

“Originally, I planned to suspend you for a year, but Daisie specifically asked me to revoke the
punishment for you. She’s willing to give you a chance to reflect on your mistake and yourself, so you
should cherish the chance that she’s offered you.”

The professor handed her a note with her email address.” I want you to hand the 10,000-word essay to
me next week.”

Juliana walked out of the office, and before she could recover from the trance, she had already
received a message from Lisa.

The general content of the text message was to ask her not to be discouraged as she could definitely
get into a better college with her family background. Lisa also asked her not to blame Daisie because
Daisie had always been very proficient at scheming others.

Lisa did not even ask about how she was doing now and whether she had been expelled from college.
It sounded like Lisa was certain that she would be expelled and advised her not to be disheartened.

All she did was basically badmouth Daisie, and this confused Juliana.

She did not know Daisie personally, and everything that she knew about Daisie came from Lisa.

She hated Daisie only because of what Lisa had said about her-all those statements had left a bad
image of Daisie in her mind.

However, judging from what Daisie had told her yesterday and Daisie’s request to revoke her
punishment today, she did not think Daisie was as annoying as Lisa described her.

Juliana replied immediately.

(Is there any misunderstanding between you and Daisie?] This reply gave Lisa a bad hunch. After
thinking of it for a moment, she cautiously replied. (Why would you ask me that?]

(Because she didn’t get me expelled.]

Daisie returned to the dormitory , turned around only to see a suitcase lying on the living room’s floor,
and was astounded.

The dormitory was a two-room suite, and she had never seen her roommate ever since she moved in,
but this suitcase was surely not hers.

She then heard the sound of the guitar coming from the closed room, and she walked into the next
room out of curiosity about her roommate.

She knocked on the door, but the other party did not seem to have heard it, so she pushed in.

The girl with her back facing Daisie was only wearing a tiny singlet, and her brown, fluffy, curly hair was
tied loosely into a ponytail behind her head. She was wearing headphones and was playing the guitar

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