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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1610

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Chapter 1610

Daisie lowered her head and looked at the bewildered Julianna. “Anna reminds me of my past self. It’s
just that you need to consider whether or not it’s worth it for you to do this for Lisa.”

Julianna stood up and said, “Daisie, I don’t need your sympathy. I’m the one who put the nails in your
shoes, so you can just go ahead and report it to the professor!”

“Report you and get you expelled from the college? Is this what you want?”

Julianna was stunned.

Daisie then continued expressionlessly. “How would you explain to your father if he asked why you got
expelled from the college?”

Julianna fell silent.

“Anna, if I really rely on the fact that I’m the daughter of Nolan Goldmann to do whatever I want, then
there’s a huge possibility that you will be expelled from the college for what you did. I don’t have to care
about what you think at all.

“I don’t know what Lisa said about me in front of you, but I can tell you that I have never done her
wrong. Do you think she would dare to tell you about the things she

did to me? If I really wanted to get rid of her, do you think she would still be here?

“You must not look only at the surface of things. If you ask me why I hate Lisa so much, I can tell you
very clearly that I hate her.”

Julianna’s hand clenched tightly.

Lisa had only told her how Daisie treated her, and all those things she had heard were coming out of
Lisa’s mouth.

That’s why she hated Daisie.

She had been under the impression Daisie was a selfish person who bullied Lisa with her family
background. On the other hand, Lisa was so kind and soft-hearted, so she had never doubted anything
she said before.

However, Daisie had the courage to admit that she hated Lisa publicly. Just like she had said, given her
status, there were more than a hundred ways for her to get rid of Lisa if she really wanted to. She only
knew that Lisa was the adopted daughter of the Knowles. If the Knowles really liked her, there was no
way they wouldn’t allow her to take on their surname.

After all, Julianna was fully aware of how those people with power and influence operated. If Daisie
was a vengeful person, she would have gotten rid of Lisa a long time ago.

Baisie pulled over the blanket and said, “You can leave now.”

Julianna pressed her lips tightly, turned around, and left.

Colton looked at Daisie. Initially, he thought she had let Julianna go because her stupidity and naivety
had gotten to her head again.

He did not expect that she was doing this because she did not want to destroy Julianna’s future. He
knew that Daisie decided to let Julianna off the hook because she saw her own foolish self on her.

She did not want Julianna to end up like her. Julianna was not a bad girl. It was just that Lisa had
blinded her. She believed everything she did was for her friend and an act of justice.

However, the reality was that Lisa was taking advantage of Julianna, while Julianna herself was not
aware of it. If she got expelled from the college, she would become Lisa’s tool through and through.

Daisie was giving Julianna a chance to see through Lisa.

It seemed to him that his sister had grown up a lot.

When Colton saw that Nollace was still in the infirmary, he frowned and said, “Your job here is done, so
what are you still doing here?” Nollace crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, ”

What do you mean by my job here is done?”

“Do you have anything else to do here?”

He smiled. “Everything that’s related to Daisie is my business.”

“Nollace, you—”

A pillow flew across the air and landed on Colton’s face.“ Both of you, get out of the room. I need to

The two boys were chased out of the infirmary.

When they were going down the stairs, Colton was walking behind Nollace, trying his best to look
through him. “No matter what you’re planning, I won’t let you get it your way. I won’t let you lay your
fingers on Daisie.”

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