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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1612

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Chapter 1612

It was probably because of the reflection on the glass window which startled her. She quickly removed
her headphones and looked at Daisie.

Daisie was also dumbfounded.

The girl sitting in front of her looked a little ordinary. No one would consider her an amazing-looking girl,
but she had the type of appearance that would sit well with someone. Her unconcerned face made her
look rather cynical, but it looked very elegant and glamorous.

Daisie gave off an awkward smile. “I’m sorry, I knocked on the door just now, but you didn’t seem to
have heard it.”

The girl stared at Daisie for a moment, looked away, and said with an indifferent attitude, “I want to
continue to practice my guitar.”

“Okay, then I’ll leave you to it.” Daisie then left tactfully.

The next day, there was a drama performance lecture.

Daisie limped to the studio with a backpack on her back. The injured toes swelled even more
significantly on the third day, and it hurt to walk.

At the studio entrance, she saw Nollace talking to a girl.

And that girl was her roommate.

She could not hear what they were talking about. She had known Nollace for so long, and Nollace
rarely smiled at other girls, but he actually smiled when he was talking to this girl.

Daisie stood in place and pursed her lips, feeling an inexplicable loss in her heart.

It was as if the person who would only smile at her was now smiling at other girls, and that felt very
uncomfortable deep down.

‘Hmph! What a playboy! When the girl saw Daisie, she said something to him and went into the studio
after that.

Nollace turned his head and stared at Daisie, who was limping toward him.

Daisie deliberately ignored him as she walked past him.

Nollace blocked her way, and she raised her head. “What are you doing?”

“You’re not healed yet.”

“I’m fine, and it’s not in the way. I have class.”

Daisie tried to push him out of the way but could not do So, so she walked around him.


However, Nollace had long legs, so catching up and blocking her way was a piece of cake to him.

Daisie got anxious and impatient. “I’m about to arrive late!”

“Someone will apply for another day off for you.” As soon as he said that, Nollace grabbed her bag for
her. “You don’t have to go to class until your injury is healed.”

Daisie was startled. “Who will be asking for a day off for me?”

He replied, “Your roommate.”

Daisie laughed out loud out of anger upon hearing this.” How dare you ask for a day off on my behalf
without my permission? I’m not going to take the day off.”

She stretched out her hand to snatch her bag back, but Nollace evaded instantly. At the same time,
Daisie pounced into nothingness, lost her balance, and got picked up by him by the waist.

She was flustered. “Let me down!”

Nollace ignored her. “Have you changed the bandage and dressing?”

She got angry. “Stay out of my business.”

Nollace looked down at her and laughed. “Who made you angry again?”

She blurted out, “You!”

Nollace’s legs stopped for a moment.

Daisie covered her face with her hands, and her ears flushed.

‘Can I get myself a hole to hide in at this very moment?’


Nollace carried her to the infirmary to change her bandages. The doctor was not surprised by the
scene as Yaramoor’s tertiary education concept was quite open minded, and the college did not
stipulate that college students were prohibited from dating each other. The doctor applied some new
ointment for Daisie, affixed some bandages, told her to rest for two more days until the swelling
subsided, and left the room.


Nollace pulled a chair and sat directly opposite her, and Daisie looked away. “Don’t you have classes to

“It doesn’t matter if I attend them or not.”

He could have applied for graduation a long time ago, but he had deliberately extended his graduation
by a year because of Daisie.

Daisie was surprised because she did not know about that. “Won’t they deduct your credits based on
your absenteeism?”

He smiled. “Nope.”

Her eyes moved, and after a while, she asked him about her doubt, “Do you know my roommate?”

Nollace sounded very unequivocal. “Yeah.” Daisie’s head was lowered. “Oh.” Seeming to have realized
something, Nollace got up, poled his hands against the edge of the bed, and approached her. “Are you

Daisie shrank back and propped her hand against his chest to maintain a distance, but she did not dare
look at him. “Who told you that I’m jealous? I’m just asking.”

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