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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1615

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Chapter 1615

After returning to her senses, Daisie noticed Freyja standing behind her mirror reflection.


She had just finished freshening up and seemed to want to change into her clothes, but there was only
one full length mirror in this dormitory, and Daisie had been occupying it to choose clothes for the date.

Daisie felt a little embarrassed and grabbed one of the clothes. “I’ve chosen mine. It’s all yours now.”

Just as she was about to go back to her room, Freyja spoke. “I think that’s a good one.”

Daisie was startled and then looked back at Freyja, pointing to the sky blue dress draped over her

Daisie pulled it off her shoulder. “This one?”

She nodded.

“Thank you.” Daisie smiled, rolled up the clothes in her hand, and hurried into her bedroom

At 9:00 a.m., Daisie stood at the gate of the college and waited for Nollace,

Many students came back and went out of the college when she was there waiting for more than ten
ininutes, but Nollace did not appear.

Daisie pursed her lips, took out her cell phone, and called him.

The call went through, but the person who picked up the call was not Nollace but Lisa. “Daisie, is there
a problem?”

When the two of them met without a third person present, Lisa would show her true color.

Daisie was astounded for a moment, and her expression dimmed. “Why is Nollace’s cell phone with

“Why can’t his cell phone be with me? If there’s something that you wish to talk to him about, then I’m
sorry. He’s asked me to tell you that he doesn’t have time for you—”

However , Daisie had already hung up the phone before Lisa could finish speaking. She squeezed the
phone tightly, and the faint uneasiness in her heart felt very much like the feeling that she had only felt
once in her life-that was when Nollace had said those words to her at the airport a few years ago.

‘Could it be that Nollace was really only fooling around with me?’

On the other end of the call, Lisa looked around nervously after answering the phone. Seeing that all
the servants were not in the living room, she tried to use Nollace’s birthday to unlock his phone.

But she failed.

She bit her lip and entered Daisie’s birthday.

Unexpectedly, it worked.

In fact, this was not a coincidence because Nollace’s computer was locked using Daisie’s birthday too.
After being found out by him once, Nollace forbade her from ever entering his room. ‘Nollace seems to
really like Daisie. And his actions are getting more and more blatant.’

Lisa deleted the call log, quickly placed the phone back in place, and continued to pretend to be
cleaning the house.

Seeing Nollace and the butler escorting the doctor downstairs, she was thankful deep down that she
was able to move quickly.

“Young Master, Mrs. Knowles’s tumor is probably a malignant one. I think going to the hospital for a

comprehensive examination is a must.”

Nollace frowned but then nodded after a split second.” Thank you.” The butler sent the family doctor

Nollace was going upstairs when he suddenly remembered something. He then turned around, walked
up to the couch, and picked up the phone that he had just

left behind because of his mother.

There was no notification on the screen, nor were there any missed calls.

He called Daisie, but the other party had already turned off the phone.

Daisie shouldn’t be someone who shuts down her phone for no reason. It’s obvious that I’ve been

He frowned slightly.

Freyja napped for a bit to make up for her lack of sleep from last night and woke up at noon to go out.
But she heard a huge commotion coming from inside the room when she walked past Daisie’s room.

She knocked on the door and pushed it open.

Daisie sat cross-legged on the bed and was playing video games, and her face looked gloomy the
whole time.

Freyja leaned against the door. “Didn’t you go on a date?”

She was still furious. “I won’t go out with him anymore.”

“That b*stard was a no-show and even asked Lisa to

answer the phone. I will never believe in his nonsense ever again.’

Freyja guessed something but did not ask her about it. She turned around and stopped. “Then do you
want to


come with me?”

Daisie froze for a split second and lifted her head.

‘Did Freyja just ask me to go out with her? That’s a surprise.’

The incident between Nollace and her made her feel very upset, and she was also feeling very

She thought for a moment and agreed to go with Freyja.

Freyja drove her to a villa in the suburbs. The two got out of the car, and as soon as they pushed open
the gate that led to the courtyard, a one-year-old girl broke free from the nanny’s arms and ran over.

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