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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1626

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Chapter 1626

Lisa’s body trembled. She finally knew why Nollace had not treated her differently after so many years.
It turned out that he had recovered his memories.

“You really want Daisie to get a taste of being ruined, don’t you? Then you can stay here in the black
market and enjoy this treatment to the fullest.”

Nollace turned around indifferently.

Lisa’s pupils dilated, fear permeated and filled her heart, and her chest cavity was on the brink of
bursting from the fear.

She was dragged away by several men. No matter how hysterically she cried, everyone ignored her.

It was already very late at night.

Tristan had not slept and sat alone in the living room, thinking about something, until he saw Nollace
coming back. “Have you arranged Lisa’s accommodation?”

His eyes moved as he gave off a faint smile. “Her accommodation has been well arranged , and she’s
very content and satisfied with it.”

Tristan frowned slightly and remained silent for a long time. “Nollace, was my accident premeditated?”

He still could not believe that Lisa would do this.

Nollace stopped at the stairwell. “If you still have doubts, you can send someone to look into her
brother’s whereabouts, Evan Fraiser.”

Tristan fell silent.

Nollace had never dared to talk so confidently about something he was unsure about. It seemed that
he had really found something.

Two days later…

After Daisie’s class ended, she went to the library to borrow two books. She met Juliana at the
entrance when she walked out of the library.

Juliana strode toward her and pushed Daisie. “Daisie Vanderbilt, even if you don’t like Lisa, how could
you cause her to be kicked out of the Knowles!?”

Daisie was amused. “Anna, do enlighten me on how I caused her to be kicked out of the Knowles.”

“Are you saying that I’m wrong about that? I heard that the Knowles sent her away, which has
something to do with you. They say it’s because you’re Nollace’s girlfriend and you don’t like her!

“You’ve snatched Nollace from her, and that’s still not sufficient for your liking, so you won’t even allow
her to stay in the Knowles?

“Daisie Vanderbilt , my opinion of you changed a little a while ago, but how can you be so vicious!”

Daisie looked at the exasperated Juliana and squinted.” What do you mean by I snatched Nollace from

Juliana did not know the truth, so she explained it devotedly, “Lisa and Nollace are childhood
sweethearts. When Nollace got into trouble in Zlokova and was kidnapped to Octavia, it was Lisa who
supported him through all the difficulties. They’ve gone through so much together! How could you
snatch Nollace away from her just because he lost his memory?”

Daisie was stunned.

‘What Juliana just said. Lisa told her all that? Lisa told her that she was the one who went through all
the hardships with Nollace back then!?’

Daisie laughed out loud all of a sudden.

“What are you laughing at?” Juliana looked unhappy.

I’m talking to her seriously, how can she be shameless enough to laugh suddenly?’

Daisie lifted her gaze, and her expression looked extremely indifferent. “I didn’t expect Lisa to apply all
the stories I told her before this onto herself.”


“Anna, if it weren’t for me, would Lisa know so many

things about Nollace ?” Daisie then asked with a sullen expression, “Don’t you want to know why I hate
Lisa so much? Then I’ll tell you everything today.”

“Lisa used to be my most important friend, I would tell her everything about me and share anything that
happened to me.

“When I received a gift that I really liked, I would give it to her without any hesitation, only because I
hoped she could have confidence when she stood in front of others so that others wouldn’t look down
upon her.

“However, it’s a pity that all Lisa did back then was to use me. She became friends with me on the
surface but badmouthed me with her classmates behind my back. She sowed discord and made other
classmates hate me and even put all the blame on me after being exposed for what she had done.”

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