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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1634

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Chapter 1634

Freyja stopped and turned to the side. “What’s the matter, Coleman?”

Colton was still expressionless as he stopped in front of her. Freyja was 5’3″, yet she still seemed a
little petite when she was standing next to Colton. “You stayed in Dorm B before this.”

‘Daisie is staying in Dorm A, and Freyja stayed in Dorm B before dropping out of school. However, ever
since she returned to the college, her accommodation has been changed to Dorm A, and she happens
to have become Daisie’s roommate.’

Freyja was startled and could not help but squint. “I did change dorms. Is there any problem?”


“Coleman, why should I tell you the reason I changed dorms?”

It was not that Freyja had never heard of Colton. Apart from being Daisie’s brother, he was also one of
the candidates competing for the student of the semester.

He majored in finance and took computer science as an elective. Apart from Nollace, he was practically
unrivaled in college.

Colton had always been a person who was very clear with what he wanted. He had always been more
free and easy

than Nollace because he disdained to pretend in front of others.

He was a very incisive teenager and had always had a very firm and ruthless attitude toward the
people and things that he hated. His behavior and actions were the exact opposite of Nollace’s.

If Nollace was said to be a tiger that had velvet paws, then Colton would be one that had never
bothered to hide its claws.

Colton inserted his hands into his pockets and glanced at her. “Is Nollace the one who arranged all that
for you?”

Freyja did not admit or deny the statement. “Since you’ve already arrived at such a speculation, why
bother to ask


He did not utter a single word.

Freyja turned around. “There’s no need for you to be so wary of me. I haven’t come to a point where I
have to beg someone to be my friend. To me, friendship is something optional. It has always been a
want but nowhere near a necessity to me.”

Colton watched as she left, and something was definitely flashing across his mind. 1

A few days later…

Daisie’s endorsement advertisement sailed against all the negative comments and successfully
achieved a comeback. It still won over countless fans even though it was under attack by the criticism
of all the haters.

Some people named her the human elf, and some called her the reincarnation of Aphrodite, a girl who
exuded purity and sexiness.

Seeing that Daisie did not go to the perfume company and withdraw herself from the endorsement deal
under the heat that the haters put on her but gained fans instead, Lara was so angry that she smashed
the tablet to the floor.

“She’s just a girl from Zlokova! Who gave her the guts to mess with me!?”

She refused to believe that a young girl who had not even graduated from college could really be this
lucky. She could not stay calm any longer. Thinking of something, she picked up her phone and dialed
her father’s number. “Father, something happened, and you must help me…”

At the Victoria College…

Daisie stayed back alone in the vocal room to practice the piano. The afternoon’s sun shone in through
the French windows and on the ground. The scenery outside the window looked vivid and vibrant, and
all these were coupled with the girl who was sitting in front of the

piano, forming a beautiful picture.

A figure leaned against the door quietly , watching this scene for quite a long time.

Daisie did not notice that the person behind her was approaching, and when she smacked her
disobedient hand because she played a wrong note, a sudden burst of laughter came from behind. She
turned her head around in a hurry, and Nollace restrained his laughter.

“How did you get in?”

“I got in just like this.”

He leaned lightly against the side of the piano, bowed forward slightly, placed his fingertips on one of
the keys, and corrected her wrong note. “It’s rare to see you be so serious.”

She turned her face away and snorted. “You make it sound as if I’ve never taken anything seriously.”

His gaze landed on her face. “That’s exactly the reason why you look so enchanting at this moment.”

Her cheeks warmed up once again, and she whispered,” You’re giving me such horsecrap again.”

He chuckled. “It’s true.”

Daisie got up and approached him. “Then what exactly do you like about me?”

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