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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1640

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Chapter 1640

Daisie looked at him. “How did you know?”

Nollace didn’t answer.

If he told Daisie he was behind it, he was afraid she might be afraid of him and might stay away.

He only showed Daisie the positive side and kept the cruel side for the rest of the world. He never
wanted to let Daisie know his dark side or the tactics he used.

But the way Daisie looked at him, her clear eyes were so pure he didn’t dare look into them. He was
afraid that he would see his actual self through them.

He raised his hand and covered her eyes. “Don’t look at me that way.” Daisie pushed him away. “Why
not?” Nollance leaned in and joked. “If you continue staring, I’ll kiss you.” That worked. Daisie stopped
staring while she blushed. After sending Daisie back to the dormitory and when Nollace was leaving,
someone stared at him from afar. Nollace walked over. “How long have you been standing here, Mr.
Goldmann?” Colton crossed his arms and coldly said, “How did you let Lisa that disaster out? Why
didn’t you tie her up properly?” He knew when something happened to his sister. He had found the
anonymous post, and it was posted by one of Lisa’s accounts. Nollace loosened his watch. “Lisa no
longer lives with us.” Colton frowned but didn’t speak.

“I’ll settle the matter with Lisa, but there’s something I need your help with.” Nollace walked closer and
whispered something to him.

Coleman paused, then smirked. “I’m not helping you.” Nollace smiled. “It’s all for Daisie.”

The next day, the school posted a new post.

There was a new shocking video. In the video, it wasn’t Julianna but another girl. Someone recognized
the girl from the video.” Lan’t that the adopted girl of the Knowles?” Poh that’s dlagusting! How could
she do that?”


do nas treniawathad bato the clawroom walls everyone was waxching the video. They

were shocked by the content of the video.

Freyja showed Daisie the video on her phone. “Do you want to watch?” Daisie took over the phone
suspiciously. “What am I watching?” What she saw repulsed her. She pushed the phone away. “Why
did you show me that!” Freyja suddenly laughed. “You know the girl in the video.” Daisie hesitantly took
another look after hearing that and was stunned. “That’s…”

Lisa! Freyja sat in her seat. “Nothing happened to Julianna in the black market. It was Lisa, and it has
been cleared.” Seeing how Daisie was still stunned, she put her chin on her hand. “Why? Do you feel
sorry for Lisa?” Daisie didn’t speak Freyja continued. “There’s nothing to feel sorry about. She asked
Julianna to save her but betrayed her when she was in trouble and caused Julianna to be caught. She
even spread a rumor about Julianna to ruin her reputation and pinned it on you!

“This might have been you, but Julianna was too dumb.”

Lisa had set the trap for Daisie. She thought that if she lied to Julianna and let her confront Daisie, the
latter would feel guilty.

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