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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1638

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Chapter 1638

The novel had become a bestseller online for years and later on was published overseas as physical

Daisie had read it two years ago but couldn’t remember where. She had been under the impression
that the author was a man.

Freyja felt uncomfortable because she kept staring at her. “Why are you staring at me?” Daisie
supported her head with her hands. “I’m curious. Why did you join the Drama, Theatre, and Film

Freyja answered , “Because I like to perform. Writing is just so I can earn some money,”

Daisie was curious. “Do you need to make your own money?”

She was Nollace’s cousin. Even if her mother was not a royal, they were related to them, so it didn’t
make sense if she was born poor.

Freyja smiled. “Do you think everyone is like you? You’re the little princess that everyone loves at
home, so you won’t have issues with money, but I’m different.” She looked sad after saying that.

Her mother was born out of the royal family, so it meant

that she was the outcome of an affair. Even though she had royal blood, it wasn’t something that they
could make public.

Her father was from a middle-class family and didn’t come from money. All the love in the family was
given to her brother, just because he was the eldest and a son.

Why else would her family let her brother enjoy the riches but ask her to drop out of school to take care
of his child? They didn’t even care about her reputation.

Her brother would get anything that he wanted, but she had to work for it. She had never asked for any
money from her family since junior high.

She worked all sorts of jobs before, working in a cafe, washing dishes, singing at a bar, and even
publishing her book, all to get money for school.

Daisie pressed her lips together. “I’m sorry for being so blunt.”

She didn’t know Freyja well enough, so she couldn’t understand why she had to work so hard even
when she was related to royalty.

“It’s fine. I get that a lot. I’ve worked my way up all these years, and now that I’m older, I’m more
relaxed because I can live the way that I want to.”

She was very glad that she was no longer controlled by her family.

Daisie looked at her. She was so calm during the entire conversation, as if she was already done with

They both left the library and suddenly heard a few girls in the middle of a discussion.

“Really? Something happened to Julianna?”

“I heard about it yesterday. The people from the black market…”

“That’s so scary. Did she step on someone’s toes?”

Daisie paused as she looked toward them. The girls didn’t notice the people behind them. “I heard that
it was because she offended the princess of the Goldmanns.”

“Daisie Vanderbilt?”

“I saw a post on the school website that said that Julianna was tortured by the people in the black
market, and Daisie was behind it. I wouldn’t have guessed that the Goldmann princess was such a
cruel person. I always thought that she was a nice person.”

“I think Daisie and Freyja are in this together. Neither of them is good people.” Daisie froze, looking

Then Freyja spoke. “Can’t you go further away when you’re gossiping?”

The expression of the girls changed.

After Julianna was released from the black market, she locked herself in her room.

Her father was so worried because his daughter wasn’t home for a few days. Now that he realized that
something was wrong, he sent someone to find out why.

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