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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1639

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Chapter 1639

He wasn’t expecting to find out that Julianna had been locked up in the black market. He was well
aware of what kind of place the black market was. If news of his daughter being there was leaked, her
future would be ruined.

He was going to make a police report when his assistant brought over a flash drive. “Sir, someone
asked to hand this to you.”

Joshua took it and waved for his assistant to leave. He hesitated before plugging it into his computer. It
was surveillance footage. It clearly showed how the people from the black market had caught his
daughter, and his face turned dark

At that moment, in the car parked not too far away from Julianna’s home, Nollace looked out the

Edison got into the car and looked into the mirror. “Sir, I’ve handed the flash drive.”

Nollace looked back in and rolled up the window. “Did she leak the news about Julianna in the black

‘She’ was referring to Lisa.

Edison nodded. “After she escaped, I found out that she went to a hotel and withdrew $800. I checked
her bank account. Someone has been sending money to her in the past few years.”

Nollace rested his head on his hand. “I guess the person who was behind her had always been in
contact with her.”

Edison couldn’t believe that such a young lady would have so much planned.

She had become part of the Knowles just by saving Tristan, and if Nollace hadn’t been careful with her,
she would have gotten her way.

After escaping from the black market, she spread the news about Julianna and tried to ruin her

Julianna’s father would definitely look into it, and Lisa might even get a chance to turn things around
because of that.

Fortunately, Nollace turned this to his advantage and disrupted her plan and handed the footage to
Joshua, showing him who was behind his daughter falling into the hands of those people.

Suddenly, Nollace got a message from Freyja. He read it, and his face dropped immediately. The
anonymous post made Daisle the talk of the town. Everyone learned about what Julianna had gone
through in the black market and thought Daisie was behind it.

Everyone in Daisie’s class looked at her with hostility, as if she had committed a crime.

Since the students weren’t willing to perforin with Daisie, the professor had to get her to stop

attending classes until it blew over. Daisie walked out of the hall and bumped into Nollace at the door.

She paused. “You… heard?”

He stopped in front of her and pulled her into his arms. His voice came from above her head. “I’m
sorry.” His eyes were cold because he should have realized Lisa was coming for Daisie. She ruined
Julianna’s reputation so she couldn’t go to school and pinned it on Daisie. As long as Julianna didn’t
show up, Daisie wouldn’t be able to explain herself. It looked like Lisa had gotten away with things easy
the previous time. Daisie was curious. “Why are you apologizing?”

Nollace snapped back and rubbed his chin on her head. “As your boyfriend, letting you get into this sort
of trouble would be my fault.”

Daisie pressed her lips together, and after a long while, she looked at him. “But Julianna…” “She’s
fine.” Daisie was surprised. “Fine?”

But wasn’t she…

Seeing Daisie’s expression, Nollace ran his fingers over her cheeks. “Nothing happened to her in the
black market. She was just locked up for a few days, but someone took the chance to spread a rumor.”

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